Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

It took a while for Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League to finally reach us. The game has been through delays and a not-so-glamorous alpha access period. Let’s be honest, some gamers aren’t too keen on another live service game, especially from the team that brought to life the memorable Arkham series of games. Only time will tell if the game will be greater than the sum of its parts.

In this Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League trophy guide, I’ll tell you what you need to watch out for before going into the deep end of Rocksteady’s latest game in the Arkham verse. If you’ve played games like the recent Avengers live service game, then you already know what to look forward to.

There are 51 trophies to unlock during your casual tour of Metropolis:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 1 Gold trophy
  • 15 Silver trophies
  • 34 Bronze trophies

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Trophy List

Platinum trophy

  • The Beginning of the End: The Ultimate Squad

Gold trophy

  • No One Defeats Brainiac!: Kill the Collector of Worlds

Silver trophies

  • Thunderstruck!: Kill the Fastest Man Alive
  • Blackest Night: Kill the Green Lantern
  • Endgame: Kill The World’s Greatest Detective
  • Abandon All Hope: Kill The Man of Steel
  • Act of War: Complete your first Incursion Mission
  • Killin’ Time: Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 10
  • Into the Angry Planet: Complete an incursion Mission at Mastery level 15
  • The Final Frontier: Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 20
  • Harleen the Queen: Reach Max Level with Harley Quinn
  • King For A Day: Reach Max Level with King Shark
  • Captain Boomerang! Agent of Oz: Reach Max Level with Captain Boomerang
  • Lawton’s Last Stand: Reach Max Level with Deadshot
  • The Chosen One: Fully complete the Combat Flair checklist 5 times (Single Player Sessions Only)
  • Trial by Blood: Reach Squad Level 50
  • The Reaper: Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 3 Infamy Set

Bronze trophies

  • Cleaning Out the Closet: Steal something useful from the Hall of Justice
  • Hitting The Fan: Survive the Batman Experience
  • Fowl Play: Recruit your first Support Squad member
  • Walled In: Escape plan gone wrong
  • Death Blooms: Recruit your second Support Squad member
  • Blitzkrieg Bop: Destroy the Behemoth
  • Hell and Back: Rescue Lex Luthor
  • Battle Lines: Complete an Incursion Mission at Mastery level 5
  • Winged Vengeance: Complete the final Penguin Support Squad Mission
  • War Machine: Complete the final Gizmo Support Squad Mission
  • Welcome to the Jungle!: Complete the final Poison Ivy Support Squad Mission
  • Managing People: Complete the final Rick Flag Support Squad Mission
  • Your World is Mine!: Complete the final Lex Luthor Support Squad Mission
  • Shock Treatment: Complete the final Hack Support Squad Mission
  • Combine and Conquer: Complete the final Toyman Squad Mission
  • Turn and Turn Again: Achieve 13 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges
  • Their Dark Designs: Achieve 26 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges
  • Blaze of Glory: Achieve 39 Stars in Riddler AR Challenges
  • The Right Question: Solve 5 of Riddler’s Riddles
  • The Real Deal: Solve 21 of Riddler’s Riddles
  • Stop Me If You’ve Heard This One: Collect 10 Riddler Trophies
  • The Oldest One in the Book!: Collect 40 Riddler Trophies
  • Level Up: Reach Level 10 with any Squad Member
  • Choices: Get Penguin to overhaul a piece of gear
  • The Venom Connection: Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 1 Infamy Set
  • All Sorts of Fun: Equip 3 pieces of the Tier 2 Infamy Set
  • Trial By Fire: What the Hell just happened?
  • Choice of Evils: Unlock a Villain Synergy
  • Grand Experiment: Get Toyman to Elite a piece of gear
  • Forces in Motion: Get Poison Ivy to Supercharge the Affliction on a piece of gear
  • Allies: Complete 50 Support Squad Contracts
  • Number the Dead: Defeat 10 Raising Hell Hit Squads
  • Need to Know: Complete 100 Support Squad Contracts
  • History Repeats: Begin the Batman Experience

Despite being a live service game, Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League doesn’t ask too much in terms of earning its Platinum trophy. Most of the trophies are tied to progress: completing specific story missions, killing the members of the Justice League (minus Wonder Woman), and finally defeating the one responsible for it all, Brainiac.

Additionally, your Platinum run will require you to fully upgrade all four characters, complete Incursion Missions, and complete all the Riddler-related activities. This can be done solo with bots or in a public lobby. The best way, at least in our experience with these types of games, is to recruit three other friends to help you do all the mundane stuff.

The Batman Experience is our introductory encounter with a far deadlier brainwashed Batman. It’s kind of emotional going through Kevin Conroy’s final stint as the Dark Knight before his untimely passing. The entire segment hits harder for fans of the man and the Arkham series. Finishing the story segment unlocks the Hitting The Fan and the History Repeats Bronze trophies.

Killing the Justice League is a Herculean task and Amanda Waller knows it. If the crew is going to have a shadow of a chance against the best of the best the world has to offer, they’ll need every advantage possible in their corner. And that’s where the Support Squad comes into play. They are essentially vendors you unlock after saving their butts from one situation or another.

These are the support squad members who will “offer” their services to you:

  • Penguin
  • Gizmo
  • Poison Ivy
  • Rick Flag
  • Lex Luthor
  • Hack
  • Toyman

With their help, you will be able to gather, upgrade, and customize weapons to suit the current task at hand. Others like Luthor and Gizmo are capable of adding new tech to your arsenal. More importantly, a good number of trophies are associated with recruiting and eventually completing their respective Support Squad missions.

The Allies and Need to Know Bronze trophies require you to complete 100 Support Squad Contracts in total. They should be short missions that require your team to go from point A to B and do something simple there like defending points or clearing the area of enemies. That sort of thing.

Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League Epic Games Delayed Featured Image

One of the things that will drive players mad is the need to have all four characters reach the max level. It is a time-consuming task that doesn’t ask the player to have a grasp of the character’s entire kit other than which weapon is most effective against a certain enemy type. Each anti-hero has their own movement set that takes some getting used to. The problem is that if you don’t vibe with how they move around, you’re going to have a hard time. It might be best to fully master the character before moving on to the others.

The Riddler is back at it again. This time he is tormenting the squad with a host of AR challenges, hidden trophies, and Riddler Riddles. The first two are staples in the Arkham series. They really went overboard with them in Arkham Knight. The riddles are what’s concerning me. You can probably breeze through them as long as your friends are in a cooperative mood. But good luck having a random lobby follow your lead into anything that’s not a group of enemies.

And finally, we have the Incursion Missions. These are endgame missions that see the team getting teleported into one of Brainiac’s simulations, or pocket dimensions. Inside you will be subjected to waves of enemies all the while Brainiac’s ship hangs around in the back doing whatever it can to distract you from the task at hand. If you survive the mission, you will build on Mastery levels that you can use to further improve your chosen character.

And that’s everything I have for this Suicide Squad: Kill the Justice League trophy guide. If you’re wondering if there will be additional trophies when the Joker season arrives, I don’t know if they will. They could add more trophies separate from the main list but at that point, they will not impact your trophy run for the game. Though the Joker mini-story could be entertaining if done properly.