Suicide Squad Kill the Justice League – All Riddler Challenges (Trophies, Riddles, & AR Challenges)

In typical Arkham fashion, The Riddler has decided to crawl out of the woodwork to harass and annoy our main characters with a series of Riddler-themed challenges. And with Batman being the way he is, it’s not likely that the Riddler will leave us alone anytime soon.

In his latest bid to prove that he is superior to anyone, the Riddler has decided to hack the squad’s embedded bombs and threaten them with an early dismissal should we fail to pay any attention to him and his challenges. In this master guide, I’ll tell you what all the challenges are and connect you to the relevant articles for each district of the city.

Each district of the city has 3 different Riddler challenges:

Riddler trophies, of which there are 40 of them, are scattered throughout the district for players to stumble upon them and be collected. This is by far the most tedious of the three challenges. They may not be as numerous as the Riddler trophies Batman encountered in Arkham Knight, but somehow the search here felt less like an accomplishment and more like a trip to the DMV.

There are 3 Riddler riddles in each for a total of 21 riddles. The riddles test your knowledge of the greater DC universe but a general understanding of the Arkham verse is good enough to see you through a lot of riddles. I rank these as a clear second when it comes to enjoyment and engagement. It always felt good piercing together the clues and finding the potential answer somewhere in the wild.

And finally, there are the Riddler AR Challenges. There are 13 of them to complete and they are pretty much short time trial obstacle courses that take no less than half a minute to complete on average. I’ve had the most fun doing these as King Shark. Unfortunately, the AR Challenges unlock through story progress with the final ones becoming available with the looming showdown with the last living members of the Justice League.



Wonderland District Riddler Puzzle - Rising High, a Sun-kissed Tower, a Beacon of the City's Power - Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Wonderland District

Centennial Park


Suicide Slums Trophy #2 Hob's Bay Cathedral - Suicide Squad Kill The Justice League

Suicide Slums

Central Business District