Super Robot Wars: All Possible Mecha Anime Joining In

What Mecha Animes could come to the next Super Robot Wars game?

Super Robot Wars All Possible Mecha Anime Joining In

For almost 30 years, Bandai Namco’s Super Robot Wars has been a staple of the company’s video game lineup. In their most recent game, Super Robot Wars 30, they included characters from Gridman, Magic Knight Rayearth, Mobile Suit Gundam NT, and even NETFLIX’s Ultraman. The devs have confirmed, or rather hinted at, the existence of a new SRW game in their most recent webcast. To that end, this article will provide a list of potential mecha anime titles that could be featured in the upcoming SRW game.

List of Possible Mech Anime to Debut in Super Robot Wars

Kyoukai Senki - Super Robot Wars

Kyoukai Senki

In 2021, Bandai launched the anime series Kyoukai Senki, also known as AMAIM Warrior at the Borderline. The series follows a young rebel named Amo as he and his mech, MAILeS Kenbu, spark a rebellion among the downtrodden citizens of their world. He and his supporters set off on a trek across Japan to find independence.

Netflix Ultraman - Super Robot Wars

Netflix Ultraman

ULTRAMAN was introduced alongside the SRW 30 DLC and includes Ultraman, Ultra Seven, and Ultraman Ace. Season 2 is now over and the final season is on the horizon, thus making a comeback in the next SRW game is the greatest method to revive their popularity.

Iron Blooded Orphans- Super Robot Wars

Mobile Suit Gundam Iron-Blooded Orphans

Mobile Suit Iron Blooded-Orphans was unveiled alongside Netflix’s Ultraman as part of SRW 30’s DLC lineup. In terms of mechanics, players got a taste of what this series can do for SRW, and they can use the plot to make the next SRW even better. Players will likely encounter additional Iron-Blooded suits, including Barbatos, Kimaris, Reginlaze, and others, in addition to seeing Barbatos in action once again.

Dynazenon - Super Robot Wars


SSSS.Dynazenon is yet another potential mecha anime release from SRW. This is a continuation of the SSSS series. Gridman. Yomogi Asanaka, a first-year student at Fujiyokidai High, is the protagonist of this anime. He encounters Gauma, a mysterious stranger who claims to be a kaiju user. Gauma’s classmates become involved in the battle against a kaiju as he calls upon the giant robot Dynazenon to defend the city.

Shin Sakura Wars - Super Robot Wars

Shin Sakura Wars

Sakura Wars’ sequel, Shin Sakura Wars, launched as a PlayStation 4 video game before being adapted into an anime series. Sixth in the Sakura Wars series, this game features both new and returning characters as Seijuro Kamiyama leads Tokyo’s Imperial Combat Revue’s Flower Division. Under his direction, the group will fight demons and other threats to Japan’s safety.

Eureka Seven Ao - Super Robot Wars

Eureka Seven Ao

Inspired by the events of Eureka Seven, Eureka Seven Ao follows the adventures of a young boy named Ao Fukai as he summons the might of Nirvash in an effort to defeat the Scub Coral and discover the truth behind his mother’s abduction.

Witch From the Mercury - Super Robot Wars

Mobile Suit Gundam Witch From The Mercury

New to the Gundam canon is the primary series Witch From the Mercury. Teenager Suletta Mercury, the series’ protagonist, pilots the Aerial Gundam—a mecha with infinite potential and a bad reputation—in an effort to establish her ability as a pilot and get acceptance to the prestigious Asticassia School of Technology.

Flash Hathaway - Super Robot Wars

Mobile Suit Gundam Flash’s Hathaway

One of the newest Gundam movies to premiere in 2021 is Flash: Hathaway. The events of Mobile Suit Gundam: Char’s Counterattack are followed by those of this film. Hathaway Noa is the leader of a resistance movement fighting the corrupt ruling elite of the Earth Federation. But after he meets a mysterious female, everything changes.

Darling in the Franxx - Super Robot Wars


Focusing on the relationship between Hiro, a former prodigy, and Zero Two, a hybrid human and elite pilot who strives to become totally human, the plot follows the lives of a squad of ten pilots. Putting their mechs on trial, they look for evidence that they, too, may be human and enjoy a life of peace and stability.

And that’s our list of possible mecha animes that could debut in the new Super Robot Wars game. If players like this article, please check out our other Super Robot Wars-related articles and guides.