Surface Tension Walkthrough – Marvel’s Spider-Man 2

A complete walkthrough on the events of the Surface Tension mission in Marvel's Spider-Man 2.

Marvel's Spider-Man 2 Surface Tension cover

Surface Tension is the first story mission of Marvel’s Spider-Man 2. Peter and Miles respond to a sudden commotion downtown where Sandman has been wrecking parts of the city and sending out sand everywhere.

Upon beginning a new save file, the introduction cutscene will play, showing Miles Morales in his classroom, followed by the introduction of Peter Parker as their new science teacher. Miles then senses that something is wrong and calls Peter outside of the classroom. They head to the rooftop and see a huge sandstorm in the downtown area.

You then get to start playing the game as Peter while you test out the controls for the movement and the swinging through the city streets and skylines. Continue following the marker until you reach the bridge.

Cross the river

Cross the river -

Make your way across the river via the bridge to be able to keep swinging.

Find Sandman

As you get to the other side of the bridge, you’ll see the commotion that Sandman has been brewing. Keep following the marker to get to Sandman quickly.

As you get to the inner roads, you’ll be faced with flying tankers and debris coming your way. Pay attention to your Spidey Sense to know when to dodge the projectiles; once the halo turns red, tap your dodge button to evade to the side.

Once you get close to Sandman, pay attention to his arm when it winds up. Prepare to dodge the swing, then look out for debris that you can grab and throw back towards Sandman.

Web Strike Sandman

After dealing enough hits, a marker should appear on Sandman’s face. You’ll need to get close enough to him so that you can do your Web Strike.

Run for your life

After failing the Web Strike, Sandman will throw you into a building. You will then have to go through the building while avoiding the furniture and debris in your way. Prepare to do a QTE to save a civilian from falling, then continue through the building by swinging.

Defeat the Sand Minions

After handing the civilian to Miles, you will be facing the sand minions. These enemies will disintegrate after taking hits. Later on in the fight, you will get to use your other tech that will help you clear the enemies.

Eventually, Sandman will catch you, but you can escape by rupturing the pipe above him, causing water to destabilize his sand power. Miles will come to your aid, and you’ll be able to control him next.

Damage Sandman

While talking with Peter about your plans to deal damage to Sandman, keep evading the attacks until the objective gets updated.

Web Strike Sandman

Get close to Sandman’s right arm until you see the button prompt, then perform a Web Strike to cause an explosion in Sandman’s wet area.

Next, follow Sandman as he moves to a new area. Swing close to his face and shoot your web to cover his eyes. Press the next button to zip towards his face, and then press the strike button to deal multiple hits.

Wait for Peter to drench out Sandman’s other arm, then perform another Web Strike. You will then have to dodge the attacks while you talk to Ganke, then look out for more debris that you can throw back at Sandman until Peter comes back with more water.

Run to the roof

After performing another Web Strike, Sandman will chase after you as you get to the top of the next water tank. Dodge his hands as you climb the side of the building. Once you reach the top, Sandman will catch up to you and make you fall into the building.

Defeat the Sand Minions

You’ll now have to face the sand minions as Miles. Your Venom Punch ability will effectively destroy the enemies in one shot, and it has a wide range, so use it whenever enemies are clumped together.

Ascend to the roof

As you make your way to the top, the ceiling above you will collapse. Use your focus bar to heal yourself back up. Then, crawl towards the marker to reach the next area. Continue fighting the waves of enemies that will be in your way.

Zip to the water tank

Once you see the water tank, zip towards it and another cutscene will play.

Chase Marko

Your controls will be back on Peter. At this point, you get to test out the Web Wings which will allow you to glide through the air. Dodge the debris and twisters that Sandman will be sending your way as you get closer to him. Once you get close to his face, tap the button to initiate a Web Strike.

Fight through the Sand Minions

Sandman will counter your Web Strike and send you back down. Miles will then come in to help, but you get to fight through more sand minions again. Once they’re all down, you can continue to get closer to Sandman once again.

Defeat Sandman

Glide towards Sandman while dodging the debris, then perform one last Web Strike to his face. Once Miles gets close, you can then perform a finisher that will finally defeat Sandman.

Once Sandman has been captured, a prologue scene will play showing Kraven and his gang in some jungle as they set their sights in hunting specific people in New York City. You will also be rewarded with 1,900 XP for completing the mission.

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