Switch Hacker Released from Jail; Has to Pay Nintendo for Rest of His Life

He might not be able to pay it fully.

Infamous Switch Hacker Gary Bowser has been released from jail and will have to pay Nintendo for the rest of his life.

Bowser has been released from federal prison in late March 2023 and will be paying Nintendo 25-30 percent of his income for the rest of his life. This was revealed in an interview with Nick Moses (via TorrentFreak). He is now at the Northwest Detention Center in Tacoma, Washington, where he is now undergoing processing before he goes back to Canada.

Team Xecutor’s SXOS, Gary Bowser’s hack device

Bowser has revealed that he will be tasked to fulfill the second part of his sentence, which is to pay $14.5 million in damages. A $10 million payment will be the priority though.

The infamous Switch hacker claims that he has only paid $175 to date, which came from his job while he was incarcerated. When he gets released he will have to start paying a percentage of his gross monthly income to Nintendo, which is the 25% to 30%.

According to TorrentFreak, Bowser will have to earn at least $40 million before taxes in order to pay off Nintendo fully under this agreement. The site speculates that Bowser will most unlikely be able to clear off the debt since he is already 53 years old. He will have to pay the game company for the rest of his life.

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