Tales of Arise Inherits Predecessors’ Battle System with Rebalancing

With the addition of the new mechanic Counter Edge.

Bandai Namco Entertainment’s latest iteration of the “Tales of” series, Tales of Arise, will be launching soon worldwide and the playable demo that got launched a while ago gave everyone a taste of its gameplay. Tales of Arise producer Yusuke Tomizawa recently shared with Play UK magazine in its latest issue (Issue 5 October 2021) what has changed in its battle system and the addition of a new mechanic.

Tomizawa revealed that in every installment of the Tales series, the development team is committed to improving its battle systems and adding new ones to make it more unique. This led to a complication though since with every iteration, more and more new mechanics were added and only a few old ones got removed. This made the recent battle systems more complicated than ever.

This time around in Tales of Arise, the goal now is to make an action RPG that can be enjoyed by everyone, according to Tomizawa. With this in mind, the team then journeyed back to previous titles to check on its complexities in the battle system and tried to find a balance between attack and evasion. They now say that this iteration has been balanced out with fast-paced gameplay and with a new mechanic called Counter Edge for “satisfying counter attacks”.

Tomizawa shared that he actually likes the battles in Tales games, which is why he prioritized in making sure that Tales of Arise has properly inherited some aspects of the previous battle systems and made its controls instinctive for the player.

The playable demo showcased how the gameplay of this game was fast and reactive compared to previous titles. Players will have to time their counters, switch characters when needed, and unleash arts and attack skills properly. This adds a lot of variety for players to enjoy, but it is also familiar to a fan of the Tales series.

Tomizawa also clarified that these improvements and new additions are part of their efforts to modernize the Tales of experience.

Tales of Arise launches on September 10, 2021 for PC, PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, and Xbox Series X/S.