Tales of Arise Playable Demo Rewards Players with Vacation Hootle Doll

Also check out the new Japanese CM featuring the game.

Players can now download the Tales of Arise playable demo starting today and it offers an awesome rewards called the Vacation Hootle Doll for completion.

The playable demo can now be downloaded on the PlayStation Store for the PS4 and PS5 and the Microsoft Store for the Xbox One and Xbox Series X/S. Players are able to play a section of the game and when completed, they are able to get an accessory called the Vacation Hootle Doll.

Unfortunately, this playable demo does not allow players to continue their playthrough to the full game. From the official product pages, it states that this demo is just a small fraction of the full game and none of it will be coming to the main game. It is only a self-contained section where gameplay is focused.

In Tales of Arise, the Hootle is an owl mascot character that is a companion of party member Rinwell. Players will be able to collect other owls in the game for rewards.

Sirus Gaming has already tested out the playable demo and our resident writer says, “the demo is already looking like a work of art despite not being released yet. It has given a lot of information towards the story, art-style, graphics, and environment that is essential for knowing the game once it’s out.”

In other news, a new Japanese Commercial Message (CM) of Tales of Arise was released just recently. It features some of the cutscenes in the game with a bit of emotional drama in it. Check it out below.

Tales of Arise launches on September 10, 2021 for PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S, and PC with the playable demo now available on respective console stores.