Tekken 7’s Latest Patch Deals With Broken Character

When it comes to competitive gaming, certain characters can have massive advantages over others. And this ruins the whole competitive ecosystem by making players gravitate towards a certain character for an easy win. For Tekken 7, that character was Leroy Smith, a DLC character released not too long ago.

Whether it’s dealing big damages or parrying attacks, Leroy had an edge over the competition. This is such a big problem that the first main Tekken tournament held in 2020 was ruined by this one character alone. Six of the top eight contestants for that tournament all used Leroy to get ahead over the competition.

Thankfully the latest Tekken 7 patch (3.21) just came out. This patch negates several advantages that Leroy had over his competition. The update introduced balance adjustments and damage reduction with significantly nerfs the character. But whether this is the end for this overpowered character has yet to be seen in the coming days.

Source: PushSquare