Tekken 8 Reina Revealed at EVO 2023

The Purple Lightning Arrives!!

Tekken 8 Reina Announcement Featured Image

EVO 2023 is one of the biggest Esports events today and is filled with numerous fighting games that fans are currently active in either participating or watching. Recently, the developers of Tekken 8 revealed the final character to be part of the Tekken 8 roster and this character is someone that Tekken fans such as myself did not expect as that person is Reina.

Tekken 8 Reina Revealed

Reina is known as the Purple Lightning and her fighting style seems similar to Heihachi’s strikes and Kasumi’s grappling techniques. According to Harada, her background and origin will remain a secret until the release of Tekken 8.

Aside from the character reveal, another stage was revealed somehow located in an offsite Mishima territory known as Secluded Training Ground. This battle stage is similar to Tekken 7’s Mishima Dojo where it is surrounded by various Eastern god statues and is easily collapsible as the floors and the walls can easily be broken making it a perfect area to perform juggle combos with no problems.

With all 32 characters now presented, fans will be pumped up as Tekken 8 will come out on January 26, 2024, for the PlayStation 5, PC via STEAM, Xbox Series X, and Series S. Also, fans will get a chance to feel more pumped the developers have announced that starting next week, weekly trailers will be uploaded on their official social media websites and channels, so stay tuned for more updates.

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