Tekken 8 Victor Chevalier Reveal & Gameplay Trailer Shows Off New Cruise Stage

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Tekken 8 Victor Announcement Featured Image

A new character has arrived in Tekken 8 and is unexpected as he is voiced by Vincent Cassel, a French actor known for his role in films like Ocean’s Twelve, Black Swan, and Beauty & the Beast. This character is known as Victor Chevalier and he is a French fighter skilled with many lethal weapons.

Who is Victor Chevalier in Tekken 8?

As one of the newest characters to be soon added to the roster of Tekken 8, Victor Chevalier is a fighter from France whose mannerisms suggest that he might be a secret agent. He seems to have close ties with Raven and is skilled in weapons such as firearms, swordsmanship, and dual short knives. In this trailer, players can see that he easily teleports and performs rapid combos that are hard to block as opponents will have a hard time determining when he will strike.

Aside from Viktor being shown in the trailer, a new stage area was shown and is set in Paris, France. Players will be riding on a cruise ship as they fight while touring the city in style. Fans of Tekken, including those living in France, will be amazed by the graphics and details made for them.

One more character will be revealed soon by Bandai and will be the last character to be revealed on November 12, 2023. If fans want to get this new Tekken game, players should pre-order it now as it will come out on January 26, 2024, for the PlayStation 5, PC via STEAM, Xbox Series X, and Series S.

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