Telltale Games Officially Announces Layoff of Workers

Most unfortunate for the workers.

Game developer Telltale Games has recently announced that it has officially undergone layoff of workers.

Today, it was officially announced on the Twitter account of Telltale that it has let some of its team go. The reason for the layoffs is the current market conditions, which are unfortunately not on the best terms for the studio right now. There has been no word on its previously announced sequel Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us 2 and other projects. It seems the studio has been affected due to that and now it has laid off some workers. One of its workers does say differently in terms of how many were let go.

According to former Telltale Cinematic Artist Jonah Huang, he revealed that the layoffs took place in early September 2023. He confirmed that most of the studio has been let go and only a few are left.

Here is the statement that Telltale has shared to IGN:

Due to current market conditions, we regrettably had to let some of our Telltale team go recently. We did not take this action lightly, and our commitment to storytelling and finding new ways to do so remains the same. We are grateful to everyone for their dedication along this journey, and we are working to support everyone impacted. All projects currently in development are still in production, and we have no further updates at this time.

Way back in 2019, the studio also underwent the same significant layoffs before it closed entirely. The shutdown was caused by investors that backed out, but a year later, LCG Entertainment helped the company and hired a number of its former workers too. At The Game Awards 2019, it announced Telltale’s The Wolf Among Us 2 that was planned for release in 2023. Earlier this year, CEO Jamie Ottlie revealed that the game was getting delayed due to the struggles porting it from Unreal Engine 4 to 5. There has been no new release date yet.