The Wolf Among Us 2 Will Not Make an Appearance at The Game Awards 2020

The Wolf Among Us 2: A Telltale Series

Game studio Telltale Games has recently confirmed that the anticipated video game sequel The Wolf Among Us 2 will not be at The Game Awards 2020.

The Wolf Among Us – Telltale Games

After the game made a surprise appearance last year, many fans were excited that the sequel will be coming back. They also knew that it will take a long time to be developed, but some were hoping that there would be some news or a small preview this coming The Game Awards 2020. Unfortunately, those hopes are dashed with the team’s official announcement.

It was confirmed that the sequel will not make an appearance tonight since the developers are currently working on it. They are not ready yet to divulge more details and they want to make sure what they can share would have lots of content to see.

Telltale Games thanked the fans for supporting them. Hopefully more details will be coming later down the road.

No more details about The Wolf Among Us 2 were shared.