Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Ana Build Guide

This guide talks about the best attribute, ability, and perk builds for Ana in TCM.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre Ana Build cover

Ana is one of the victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Following the disappearance of her sister, Ana is determined to look for her and find out what happened. Because of this, she has a tough resolve that allows her to get through a lot of the punishments compared to the rest of the victims. Read ahead as we talk more about how to get the best build for Ana in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Best Ana Attributes

Ana starts off with a high Toughness stat, making her one of the tankiest characters who can take more blows from the killers. She also has a high Strength stat, which allows her to go toe-to-toe against them very well, too.

Here are Ana’s base stats:

  • Toughness: 35**
  • Endurance: 25*
  • Strength: 30
  • Proficiency: 20
  • Stealth: 20*

A tankier build Ana with a maxed-out Toughness and raised Endurance works well when playing with teams, as she could act as bait or someone who could protect others who are working on tasks. However, this may work against her if she’s the last one standing, so it’s best to compensate by either adding some points to Proficiency, or getting some perks that would aid in tasks.

Taking advantage of Ana’s toughness, you can also opt into adding points to Stealth, which allows Ana to intentionally grab a killer’s attention away from a spot and easily shake them off right after. Stealth would also help Ana compensate for completing tasks safely.

Best Ana Ability Modifiers

Ana’s main ability is Pain is Nothing, which significantly reduces damage taken from attacks and falls while also granting immunity to the effects of poison. This is especially helpful during chases or encounters, as it gives Ana a great chance of survival.

Ana has four ability modifiers that can improve the ability’s usage:

  • Quicker Recharge Rate: Reduces the ability recharge time to 162/153/135.
  • Reduced Damage: (level 1 and 3 only) Your damage reduction multiplier is set to 70%/80%
  • Stamina Hit Recovery: (level 2 only) While active, incoming melee attacks will restore small amounts of stamina.
  • Increase Duration: Ability lasts for 9/10/11 seconds.

Take note that you will need to level up Ana’s ability to level 3 to be able to unlock all three slots for its modifiers. Also, the same modifiers’ effects do not stack up, and only the modifier placed on the higher level will take effect. For a tougher Ana, it’s best to go for these modifiers:

  • Level 1: Reduced Damage
  • Level 2: Stamina Hit Recovery
  • Level 3: Increase Duration

Ana will be able to pop her ability for longer when it matters, which usually happens in the middle or at the end of a match.

Best Ana Perks

Depending on your Ana playstyle, you can either go for the perk loadout that will allow you to be aggressive or be more durable and last longer.

Aggressive build:

  • Grappler: You’ve got fast hands. Each button tap in a close encounter is worth more towards winning the struggle. Button taps are 50%/75%/100% more effective.
  • Extra Drip: After using a healing item, you also slowly heal 2/4/6 HP for 8/10/12 seconds.
  • Fight Back: After surviving a close encounter, the Family member you fought has stamina regeneration reduced by a magnitude of 30/40/50% for 15/20/30 seconds. (through a Random perk branch)

Durable build:

  • No Sell: When you get hit by a Family member, you take 40%//60%/80% less damage. Has 1/2/3 charge(s).
  • Extra Drip: After using a healing item, you also slowly heal 2/4/6 HP for 8/10/12 seconds.
  • Choose Flight: Fight or flight? Choose Flight. After running out of stamina, pop some adrenaline to completely refill and take off running. Has 1/2/3 charge(s). (through a Random perk branch)
  • Empowered: After surviving a close encounter, you regain 10/30/50 health points and 50%/70%/90% of max stamina. (through a Random perk branch)

Other perks that you might want to consider while working on leveling up your main perks are:

  • Conditioned: When you completely run out of stamina, it takes 20%/40%/60% less time to start coming back. Take five and get back out there.
  • Ran Track: Your Endurance is increased by 3/5/7.
  • Choose Fight: Fight or flight? Choose Fight. Sneak Attacks and Close Encounters stun the family for 2/3.5/5 seconds longer.