Texas Chain Saw Massacre: Best Julie Build Guide

This guide talks about the best attribute, ability, and perk builds for Julie in TCM.

Texas Chain Saw Massacre best Julie build cover

Julie is one of the victims in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Her physical fitness gives her some advantage over the other victims, who aren’t quite as fast nor as stealthy. Being put in serious danger by the Sawyer family, Julie would have to take advantage of her skills to survive. We made this guide to teach you how to make the best Julie build in Texas Chain Saw Massacre.

Best Julie Attributes

Julie starts off naturally with a high Stealth stat which makes it easy for her to pass check without trigger noise and attracting members of the Sawyer family. Here are Julie’s base stats:

  • Toughness: 25
  • Endurance: 30
  • Strength: 15
  • Proficiency: 20
  • Stealth: 35

Because of her high Stealth stat, Julie can get by faster due to not worrying about the Sawyer family spotting her. She’s coupled with an already high Endurance stat, so she can run for long periods thanks to her high Stamina, allowing her to escape her killer’s clutches when she has been spotted. Thanks to these, you only need to invest extensively in Proficiency so that Julie can work on checks quickly and quietly. Any extra points should be invested in Stealth so Julie can work more quietly.

A high Stealth stat combined with high Proficiency is a winning combination. With high Endurance as the cherry on top in case she needs to disappear, these stats should be the primary focus for any Julie build.

Best Julie Ability Modifiers

Here are the best ability modifiers for Julie:

  • Level 1: Quicker Recharge Rate
  • Level 2: Decreased Sprint Stamina
  • Level 3: Increased Duration

Julie’s special ability is The Ultimate Escape which allows her to sprint at the cost of less stamina. This also makes her difficult to track by killers like Johnny and The Cook who specializes in looking for where victims are hiding. When triggered at the right time, Julie can use her special ability to get to exits fast without her pursuers noticing her slip by.

For Level 1, get Quicker Recharge Rate. In case she get’s spotted, you want The Ultimate Escape ready as soon as possible. If you’re lucky, you don’t have to use it often but it will be saving grace when you’re being chased especially by The Cook or Johnny.

When you get to Level 2, go for Decreased Sprint Stamina for a 75% reduction of stamina use when ability is active. Finally at Level 3, get Increased Duration to make the ability last longer upon activation.

Best Julie Perks

Here are the best perk loadouts for Julie:

Stealth build:

  • Overlooked: You have limited charges that let you avoid being tracked by Grandpa’s Sonar Ability.
  • Must Have Been the Wind: Noise you generate when gathering items and interacting with crawl spaces will not alert the family. (Has limited charges)
  • Cover Recovery: When in hiding spots or shadows, your stamina recovery is increased.

Runner build:

  • Second Wind: When injured, you recover stamina if you manage to avoid further damage for the next few seconds.
  • Cover Recovery: When in hiding spots or shadows, your stamina recovery is increased.
  • Jack in the Box: When leaving a hiding spot, you take less damage for a few seconds.

Other perks that you might be good considering for your loadout while levelling up your main perks:

  • Efficient Locksmith: When unlocking doors, there is a 20%/30%/40% chance the unlock tool won’t be consumed.
  • Intuition: Holding a key item (fuse/valve) highlights the location it can be used for 40/70/100 seconds.
  • Choose Flight: Fight or Flight? Choose flight. Once depleted, your stamina bar will instantly refill. Has 1/2/3 charge(s).