The Crew 2 Producer: “USA Is Really A Strong Playground”

Ubisoft Reflections’ upcoming sequel of The Crew is going to launch in early 2018. When the first installment launched in 2014, it received mixed reception from the critics across the games industry with some criticizing its micro-transactions and others praised the game’s atmosphere.

With The Crew 2 launching next year, it seems that Ubisoft Reflections decided to stick with the USA as their world for the sequel. In most sequels, developers usually choose another location for their game, but the producer of The Crew 2, Stephane Jankovski, said that the USA location is a strong playground because of its iconic landmarks.

“We really want you to have the best experience possible. And we’ve looked at all the different possibilities, and honestly USA is really a strong playground. You have all those iconic landmarks, you have all those places that, you know, even if you never visited them.

And just like, okay, I have this mental idea of this is my vision of Las Vegas, this is my vision of New York. It’s really strong when you’re creating a game and you want to create that experience. This is perfect, this is perfect for us.” he told GameReactor in an interview.

The USA continent does have a lot of mainstream locations best fit for racing, and with The Crew 2 retaining the location from its previous installment, Stephane said that it’s not going to be similar to The Crew 1.

“We kept the USA, but we redone everything, there is no second piece of The Crew 1 inside of The Crew 2. Everything is different.”

Aside from that, players will expect a long-term support from Ubisoft for The Crew 2 like what they did for The Crew 1. Stephane also said that there will be no boundaries and that possibilities in the game will be limitless for the players.

The Crew 2 will launch on all 3 platforms: PC, PS4, and Xbox One in early 2018.

Are you excited for The Crew 2?

Source: GameReactor