The Crew Motorfest Early Access: How to Play Early

The Crew Motorfest early access cover

The Crew Motorfest is offering early access to certain players. If you’re excited to dive into this Ubisoft racing game early, then you may be excited to learn that you can, so long as you’re willing to pay a little extra. Here’s our guide that shows you how to get early access in The Crew Motorfest so you can play ahead of schedule.

How to Get Early Access in The Crew Motorfest?

The only way to get early access to The Crew Motorfest is to pre-order either the Gold or Ultimate editions before the game’s release date. They’re more expensive than the standard edition, with the Gold Edition priced at $99.99 and the Ultimate Edition priced at $119.99. Purchasing these two lets you play The Crew Motorfest 3 days early.

The standard edition of The Crew Motorfest doesn’t offer early access. The game is set to release on September 14, 2023, so players who pre-ordered either the Gold and Ultimate Editions of The Crew Motorfest can begin playing the game on September 11. The only question is whether you consider early access to be worth the price of admission.

Of course, the Gold and Ultimate Editions of The Crew Motorfest offer more than just early access. They have bonus contents that offer players three free cars at launch and two vehicles released each month for Year 1.

Players who have a Ubisoft+ subscription will get The Crew Motorfest Ultimate Edition, which gives them early access. It costs $14.99 per month to remain subscribed. If you’re subscribed to Ubisoft+, you can play the game right now and test out its crossplay features with friends.

The Crew Motorfest New Zealand Trick

Players who purchased the standard edition of The Crew Motorfest may be able to use the New Zealand trick to play the game early. To do this, you have to change your platform’s time to align with New Zealand’s, which tricks the servers into thinking you’re playing in that time zone and unlocking the game early.

The New Zealand trick is popular within the gaming community for letting players play games ahead of their release time. Because most games are set to release in their time zone earlier, you could potentially play The Crew Motorfest early by setting your platform to match that of New Zealand’s.