The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me Now Official with Trailer

This time, it will be a serial killer.

The next title of The Dark Pictures series has been announced, it will be The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me and a new trailer has been revealed.

According to the teaser trailer that can be viewed post-credits of the recently concluded The Dark Pictures House of Ashes, The Devil in Me seems to be a story about a narcissistic serial killer who wants to see everyone die and bleed out to death. He talks about how he victims beg to be let out of their predicament and how they try to escape by pounding on the walls or sometimes clawing away on them.

Video credits to YouTuber RabidRestrospectGames

When the video almost concludes, it turns out that the person talking was only a recording and the shadow that seemed to be sharing his stories was actually a creepy puppet with rotting flesh and bones attached. There seems to be someone listening to the recording and stops it by the end of the clip.

The video ends with the new logo that features the title The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me with the V in the shape of an inverted antique drawing compass.

It is currently under development by Supermassive Games and there should be a big announcement of it with clear details at a later time.

Our resident Sirus reviewer shared his opinion about The Dark Pictures House of Ashes and stated “Supermassive’s third Dark Pictures Anthology game, House of Ashes, doesn’t do much to differentiate itself from the previous two installments, instead deciding to stick to the script those games wrote.”

No other details yet for The Dark Pictures The Devil in Me.