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You may be looking for The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Prologue walkthrough that shows you all the choices and the consequences that you can make. In the very first part of the game, you play as a newly wed couple having their honeymoon stay at the infamous World’s Fair Hotel run by HH Holmes himself. Here’s every choice you can make during The Devil In Me Prologue and their consequences.

Arriving At The Hotel

Marie and Jeff arrives at the World’s Fair Hotel only to find that it’s empty. The very first choice you get to make in the game is as Marie who can choose to be excited, reassuring, or say nothing at all when the couple first takes in the sights. This first choice doesn’t actually have any consequence.

The Devil In Me Prologue choices really just serve as your tutorial. During the conversation between Jeff and Holmes about the room upgrade, Marie will have the chance to sign her name on the check book. Wait too long, and she’ll miss the opportunity to do so when Jeff and Holmes finish their conversation.

Arrive At The Hotel The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Prologue Choices and Consequences

After Holmes leaves the two couple alone, Marie goes to the pharmacy counter where she’ll have the opportunity to take an item for later.

  • Take the Rose Milk: Marie will use this in the bathtub later.
  • Take the Face Powder: Marie will use this for her face in the bathroom later.

You will not be able to inspect the item you pick up. Once you choose one of the two items on the pharmacy counter, Marie will automatically take it with her. This won’t actually have any consequences later down the line.

On The Way To The Honeymoon Suite

On the way to the honeymoon suite, Marie will eventually become curious about the Rathlin suite. With his wife insistence, Jeff goes with her to explore what is in the private room. This is where the tutorial for hiding comes in. You’ll be thought to match the beat of hiding your breath or keeping calm by pressing the corresponding buttons on screen.

Honeymoon Suite The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Prologue Choices and Consequences

Once the duo hear Holmes walking in the hallway, they hide behind some furniture to avoid getting caught. There are two possible outcomes to this:

  • Stay Hidden: Holmes enters the room but finds no one. The newly married couple then make their way to the honeymoon suite.
  • Get Caught: Holmes finds the duo after Marie laughs at Jeff’s failure. Although their host is not happy to see them there, he still leads them to the honeymoon suite after insisting that the room is unfinished.

When the Jeff and Marie arrive in the honeymoon suite, they get into an impromptu pillow fight. This is where you get the tutorial of aiming projectiles. Just follow the onscreen instructions.

Relaxing and Exploring The Hotel

After the pillow fight, Jeff and Marie decide to take it easy for a bit. Marie goes to the hallway to where the bathroom is but find that the door is stuck. She calls over Jeff to help her open it. This is where you’ll learn to mash buttons to break down doors. Even if the timer runs out, Jeff and Marie will keep trying until the door is open.

Jeff will leave Marie in the bathroom to find a shaving kit. He will return back to the main lobby to see if the pharmacy counter sells any. You will have to keep going until you reach the end of the hallway where Jeff will see something glinting at the distance.

Exploring the Hotel The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Prologue Choices and Consequences

After interacting with the door, the trap door will open and you’re faced with your first QTE event. Even if you fail this QTE section, Jeff will survive but this is one of the only few times in the game that gives you any form of leniency.

The Tragic End

You’ll go back to Marie again who is freshening herself up in the bathroom. This is when The Devil In Me introduces another crucial mechanic of using your inventory items. Just follow the instructions on the screen to proceed.

What item Marie uses will be dependent on what item you picked up earlier from the pharmacy counter. This part is largely unimportant and won’t affect anything at all.

Marie Tragic End The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Prologue Choices and Consequences

Marie will hear a knock on the door. She will have the option to investigate or just relax in the tub.

  • Choose to Relax: Marie will lay down in the tub thinking it’s just Jeff. She closes her eyes and receives a massage and doesn’t open them until it starts hurting. Marie panics when she sees it’s Holmes instead of Jeff and tries to grab the nearest thing to use as a weapon.
    • If Rose Water Was Chosen: Marie grabs the bottle of Rose Water and smashes it against Holmes’ head. It doesn’t face him and Marie drowns.
    • If Face Powder Was Chosen: Marie has nothing to use as a weapon and Holmes drowns her.
  • Choose to Investigate: Marie is confronted by Holmes who has a razor and slashes her throat.
    • If Rose Water Was Chosen: Marie grabs the Rose Water bottle and smashes it against Holmes’ head who becomes momentarily fazed. Though it doesn’t stop him from slashing her throat again.
    • If Face Powder Was Chosen: Marie gets her throat slashed again until she is near death.

No matter what you pick, Marie will meet a grisly fate. Jeff will arrive shortly to see Marie’s dying or dead and panic, running away from Holmes to get to safety.

Jeff Tragic End The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Prologue Choices and Consequences

As the wall closes behind him, Jeff will instead barge into the closest door which is unfortunately a death trap. How Jeff dies depends on Marie’s choices earlier.

  • If Marie Chose to Investigate: Marie will still be barely alive and try to go to where Jeff is. How she fares depends on what she picked.
    • If Rose Water Was Chosen: Marie tries to get to the window but slips back into the tub.
    • If Face Powder Was Chosen: Marie succeeds into getting to the window. And the duo die as their hands are pressed against the window. Holmes taunts them by telling them to admit their love for each other.
  • If Marie Chose to Relax: Jeff dies choking and Marie lays on the tub already dead.

Ultimately the choices in the prologue will not matter much for the rest of the game. You can only really decide how Jeff and Marie die to Holmes’ machinations.

Those are all of The Dark Pictures Anthology: The Devil In Me Prologue Walkthrough. We hope this article was informative. For more on The Devil In Me, we have other content you’ll be interested to check out. Why not extend your stay?

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