The Deadliest Machines that walk in Horizon: Zero Dawn

Guerrilla Games’ successful launch of Horizon: Zero Dawn has showed that they are capable of crafting unique content and experiences outside their usual. The rich world of Earth is ruled by deadly machines that can replicate themselves quickly, making them dangerous and capable of wiping out every living thing on the planet.

With life on Earth is in the brink of extinction, Aloy is faced with a lot of challenges, specifically these monstrous animal machines with distinct killing features. Even if they are taken down by her bow and spear and techniques, she will still be faced with a dangerous situation that can lead to her death. Extreme as these machines can be, some of them have similar weapons that fires the same element (like fire, ice, lightning), and the others have a minigun and a disc launcher which can be more deadlier than the aforementioned.

The experience I had in this post-apocalyptic world with the mechanical animals were intense. You can’t simply go head-to-head with any of these machines without it affecting your health bar and potions packs and arrow stash. It’s difficult to approach these machines without getting yourself prepared. You better need to have your Ridge-woods, metal shards, blazes, sparks, and other crafting materials ready before you hunt these ferocious beasts. You may also want to read my review of Horizon: Zero Dawn to know what I think of this beautiful new IP from Guerrilla Games.

Now, I bring to you the most deadliest machines that walk on the lands in Horizon: Zero Dawn.

Note: All of the screenshots (including the feature image) are¬†captured using a standard PS4 system with the game’s Photo Mode feature.

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