The Division 2 Upcoming Season Gets Delayed Further

Another issue was encountered.

The team behind The Division 2 has some bad news for fans who were waiting for the upcoming Season 11.

According to a new post on The Division’s Twitter account, Season 11 will not be released anytime soon as it seems the developers have broken something during development. The post revealed that last weekend, in the process of creating the update that would resolve the localization issue (the reason for the delay), they found an error that brought down the build generation system for the game. This has now resulted in not being able to update the game. They have to rebuild the system before moving forward.

It gets worse. Before, when the developers would delay a Season, they were able to extend the previous Season’s activities. Now, this is not possible with the current situation unless they fix the system first. Players will have to wait before they could get a new update.

The good news is the developers are now working hard to fix the problem as fast as possible. They say that they have made a lot of good progress over the last 96 hours and have restored critical aspects of the system. They will share more updates in the future.

So the launch of Season 11 is stuck in a loop. Everyone will have to wait even longer.

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The Division 2 is now available on PC, PS4, and Xbox One.