The Fall Releases On Wii U in Europe

The Fall previously released on PC, MAC and Linux as well as Wii U in North America and was hailed by critics for its unrivaled atmospheric setting, mind-bending story, and combination of genres – including shooter, point-and-click, and more.  The Fall has been honored with nominations for Best Downloadable Game, Best Indie Game, Best New Character and Best Writing from the Canadian Video Game Awards, nominated for Excellence in Narrative for the Independent Games Festival at GDC 2015 and named 2014 Game of the Year from Giant Bomb with an award for Best Story, and more.

“Bringing  The Fall to Wii U in Europe is a momentous occasion for Over The Moon Games, and we’re truly excited to share our unique adventure with a larger audience,” said John Warner, Founder and Director, Over The Moon Games. “Our vision is to create games and challenge established assumptions of how gameplay and narrative can be blended into a new experience. With  The Fall, and with the backing of our fans on Kickstarter, we have been able to deliver on that vision and truly hope that gamers around the world enjoy what we have created.”

The European version of  The Fall includes dozens of performance improvements and other updates incorporated into the game since the original launch, including optimizations, aiming and combat enhancements, bug fixes and more.  In addition, the game adds an exploration tutorial to help new players
Set in a dark sci-fi universe rich with atmosphere,  The Fall is a unique blend of traditional adventure game puzzles and action.  The Fall is about ARID, an artificial intelligence on-board a futuristic combat suit. When ARID is activated and finds that her human pilot is unconscious and in desperate need of medical help, ARID’s directive is clear – take her pilot to medical attention. As she struggles to help her non-responsive friend, she finds herself in a unique and bizarre situation that causes her to question her rigid relationship to her protocols and, ultimately, her self-understanding.  Players of  The Fall will find themselves thinking, exploring, and sometimes fighting with the world and its unusual inhabitants.


  • An Engaging and Rich Story –  The Fall is set in a vivid, atmospheric world that challenges players to explore unusual ideas and assumptions surrounding rigidity and protocol.
  • A Fresh Mix of Genres – Integrating gameplay from point-and-click adventures, platformers, and shooters into a truly unique experience,  The Fall draws equal inspiration from  Super Metroid and  Monkey Island and is humbly inspired by the greats that came before it.
  • Gameplay and Story Integration – Players solve fun and creative adventure-style puzzles, and organically find solutions that imply a larger narrative.
  • A Full Voice Cast – The game adds depth and gravitas with a complete voice cast, featuring a strong and unique female protagonist.
  • Gorgeous Artwork –  The Fall’s renowned atmosphere is emblazoned with revelatory artwork that reveals itself as players explore and become overwhelmed within the beautifully polished world.
  • Trilogy – The game is told succinctly in three acts; the first episode boasts more than three hours of play-time.