The King of Fighters XV Adds Athena Asamiya to Complete Team Super Heroine

Athena joins Mai and Yuri to form Team Super Heroine.

Game developer SNK has recently announced the newest addition to the roster of The King of Fighters XV, which is Athena Asamiya.

Athena is the latest character to grace the arena of KOFXV with her psycho powers and chirpy attitude.

The King of Fighters XV Athena Asamiya abilities

Athena still has the same fighting techniques she uses from previous titles like Psycho Ball, Psychic Barrier, teleportation, and more. She has some new moves in this iteration, but the new character trailer shows a lot of combinations from her many different abilities. It is quite impressive as it connects from one ability to another to dish out tons of damage and a lot of hits.

New Look

A new hairdo and outfit is now seen in this latest iteration of Athena with shorter hair and a Chinese outfit. She is still decking her red-pink colors though as the same as her previous costumes in the past.

Team Super Heroine

Surprisingly though, Athena joins a new group, Team Super Heroine. She teams up with Mai Shiranui and Yuri Sakazaki. This brings about some very interesting story details as she leaves Team Psycho Soldier.

The King of Fighters XV with Athena and the rest of the roster will launch early 2022 on PlayStation 4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

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