The King of Fighters XV KROHNEN Character Trailer Revealed

Krohnen has entered the ring. He does look quite familiar...

SNK has recently revealed The King of Fighters XV KROHNEN character trailer at The Game Awards 2021 with news of an upcoming Open Beta schedule.

At the pre-show announcement, SNK revealed the newest character to join the roster of KOFXV, which is KROHNEN. He has a very strong resemblance to the character K9999 in a previous KOF game and almost has the same color scheme too. His mechanical hand even has the same color as K9999.

the king of fighters xv krohnen

KROHNEN has a shape-shifting arm and can take down any opponent foolish enough to get on his way. He has some connection to the secret syndicate known as NESTS.

Aside from KROHNEN, a Second Open Beta for KOFXV is scheduled. This will be held on PS4, and PS5 consoles exclusively and will feature cross-play between consoles. Those who will join can face off in both casual and offline modes. No need to use PS Plus to join in.

Check out the schedules below:

  • PST: Dec. 17: 7:00pm – Dec. 20 – 06:59am
  • CET: Dec. 18: 4:00am – Dec. 20 – 3:59pm
  • JST: Dec. 18: 12:00pm – Dec. 20 – 11:59pm

The characters that will be playable during the second open beta test are as follows:

  • ISLA
  • K’

The King of Fighters XV will launch on February 17, 2022 and will have 39 characters in the roster in total with classic and resurrected fan favorites. It will be available on PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC via Steam and Epic Games Store.

Source: Press Release