The King of Fighters XV Trailer Reveals Whip as Next Character Addition

Whipping you up to fight.

SNK has recently released the newest The King of Fighters XV trailer and it introduces the newest fighter to be added to the roster: Whip.

Whip is now the 34th character to be added to the roster after the introduction Heidern, Isla, and Dolores as Team Rival. Whip has some relations with Leona, Clark, Ralph, and Heidern, but she is particularly close with K’ and Kula, with the latter not yet seen or hinted in previous trailers.

The abilities of Whip mainly use her weapon, a whip, that she is a master of. She can easily maneuver the weapon in whatever position she likes and hits a lot with tons of damage in the aftermath. It seems her special moves no longer use a gun and now mainly of her whip and sometimes kicks.

Whip’s looks have not been changed that much since her introduction in KOF 99 and the same color palette too. She does have some new accessories that are subtle. She also has some unique dialogue with her previous teammates, Ralph and the rest of the military crew.

With Whip’s introduction, it seems she will team up with K’ and possibly the big reveal of Kula as part of their team is now possible. She is particularly close with Kula and from what happened last time in previous titles, there is a really big chance the ice-wielding fighter is coming to KOF XV.

The King of Fighters XV launches on February 17, 2022 for PS4, PS5, Xbox Series X/S, and PC.