The Last of Us Director Possibly Hiding Something After New Leak Denial

He warns about trusting insider information but history proves leaks were mostly true. Sus.

The creative director of The Last of Us has seemingly denied certain leaks circling around online.

Just recently a new rumor claimed that the controversial sequel The Last of Us Part II was getting a new version, TLOU2 Director’s Cut. It said that it will include some extra content and enhancements that the PS4 version did not have. Also, the source came from the individual who leaked The Last of Us Part I accurately before it got announced publicly.

This particular rumor might have just touched a nerve of Naughty Dog as its Co-President and The Last of Us Creative Director Neil Druckmann posted an interesting new message online. He recently posted on his personal Twitter account greeting everyone a Happy New Year and thanked everyone for the support. He also promised that the team will be announcing a lot of “cool stuff” this year.

In a postscript, Druckmann warned about some insider information. He said that much of it is false, which meant it could not be trusted. Although he did not specify which rumors he is talking about, we can already guess which one/s.

It definitely would be the TLOU2 Director’s Cut, and the other would be the rumor of The Last of Us Part 3 in development.

Interesting fact: most of the rumors and leaks about the many games of Naughty Dog became true. One of the biggest leaks was about the spoiler-rich info of The Last of Us Part 2 before it got released to the wild. So if Druckmann is trying really hard to deny these rumors, it must mean they are possibly hiding something. We will just have to wait and see in the coming weeks.