The Last of Us HBO Premiere is Getting Lot of Love from Critics

It's overwhelmingly positive!

Various critics have now dropped their impressions and reviews of The Last of Us HBO and it is overwhelmingly positive.

Leading the charge is media outlet IGN giving The Last of Us HBO a score high 9. The reviewer stated, “HBO’s The Last of Us is a stunning adaptation that should thrill newcomers and enrich those already familiar with Joel and Ellie’s journey alike.”

Rolling Stone says The Last of Us is a finer version of The Walking Dead and HBO’s next big hit. The reviewer is not even a gamer and has not played the game and was still impressed.

The Hollywood Reporter says this is HBO’s powerful video game adaptation. “… it more frequently reminded me of the desperate, weary humanism of Station Eleven, and even of the deeply felt central relationship in Charlotte Wells’ film Aftersun, an otherwise very different story of a father and daughter learning to communicate in an alien world.”

Engadget Gaming says HBO’s The Last of Us successfully trades hordes of monsters for emotional depth. “There are tons of stunning moments that bring me directly back to what I love, but each episode also has a number of moments that surprised and delighted me, even though I know the overarching plot inside and out.”

Polygon is quite impressed with HBO’s adaptation as it is “astonishingly faithful to the game”. It is also at its best when it branches out its story.

hbo's the last of us

On Rotten Tomatoes, HBO’s The Last of Us debuts with an incredible 100% rating. Quite the feat!

The Last of Us HBO first episode airs on January 15, 2023 on HBO Max.