The Last Of Us Part 2 Review Embargo Lift Date Announced

Several game publications and reviewers already have played one of the most anticipated video games this year The Last of Us Part 2, but the reviews will not be up due to the review embargo. So when does it lift?

The game review embargo specifically lifts on June 12 at 00:01 PT, 03:01 ET, and 08:01 BST. After that everyone will be able to check out the opinions from respected game reviewers around the world. The embargo lift is just a few days away from the game’s release date actually, which is on June 19. Some gamers might want the opinion of the reviewers first before they decide to purchase the game. There are also others who just want to know the impressions of the reviewers, but would play the game anyway.

The anticipation has been spoiled recently due to the massive leaks and spoilers that appeared from the dark void of the internet. While the reviewers have cannot tell anything about the game right now, some have given a few hints for those who still wanted to play it. Some have stated that it is actually not what they think it is and everyone will be able to enjoy it from start to finish. That is some relief for those who were spoiled. Hopefully they change their mind and would try it once it launches next month.

The Last of Us Part 2 will be available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

Thanks GamesRadar.

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