The Last of Us Part II Guide – Where To Find Missable Stealth Upgrade Branch

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The Last of Us Part II features the ability to improve Ellie’s chances for survival–via upgrading her skills to give her an edge in combat. However, what you may not know, is that it is entirely possible to miss certain upgradable branch exclusive to a certain play style on your playthrough.

One such example is the stealth branch, which gives you the crucial perk of being able to craft your own silencers. If you don’t do adequate enough exploring, you could actually miss the chance for stealth related upgrades.

You can find the stealth upgrade branch by picking up the Stealth Training Manual during your time in the theater of Seattle. It’s on the second floor of the building, where you’ll also find evidence of someone living there. The manual is near his tent he set up for himself, overlooking the ground floor.

Upgrades on this branch include:

  • Crafting Silencers
  • Listen Mode Clarity – sense enemy more clearly through walls
  • Faster Prone Movement
  • Durable Silencers
  • Quicker Stealth Kills