Take a Look at The Last of Us Part II Motion Capture Dogs Made In-Game Versions Come to Life

The Last of Us Part II dogs

Naughty Dog Lead Animator Jeremy Yates shared how the dogs in The Last of Us Part II got its life-like movements.

Yates shared a certain clip on his persona Twitter account featuring a real-life dog with a motion capture suit taking a leap from one platform to another in slow motion. The action is taken by motion capture cameras and then used to make the digital versions of the dogs in the game move like a real one.

For regular gamers out there in the world, this would just mean that they are talented dogs, but for those who love the furry animals, it will melt their hearts.

Another clip was also shown featuring another dog with the same motion capture suit. This time around, the set up was used for deer galloping. The dog nailed the mini obstacle course without a mistake.

The Last of Us Part II is now available exclusively on PlayStation 4.

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