The Legend of Dragoon Trophy Guide & How to Get Platinum

Here are some tips to know when attempting The Legend of Dragoon Trophy run

The Legend of Dragoon was a moderately successful title when it was first released in the final days of the 90s. The game was fairly received by critics and players alike but not at the level for a game that was dubbed as the “Final Fantasy killer”. It has since earned a cult following over the years. So much so that Sony gave this game another chance to reach modern-day gamers.

In this trophy guide, we’ll tell you everything you need to know about getting the game’s newly acquired Platinum trophy.

Note: We are well aware that the game is currently having a rough start due to Dragoon Magic causing the screen to black out and soft crash the game.Thankfully, a fix has been implemented.

There are 47 trophies to collect in The Legend of Dragoon:

  • 1 Platinum trophy
  • 4 Gold trophies
  • 3 Silver trophies
  • 39 Bronze trophies

The Legend of Dragoon Trophy List

Platinum Trophy

  • Pure Legend: Unlock all trophies in The Legend of Dragoon

Gold Trophies

  • Serdian War: Complete Chapter 1
  • Platinum Shadow: Complete Chapter 2
  • Fate and Soul: Complete Chapter 3
  • Moon and Fate: Complete Chapter 4

Silver Trophies

  • Not So Immortal after All: Defeat the final boss
  • Wish Upon a Star: Collect 30 stardust
  • Extinguish the Spirit of Feyrbrand: Defeat Dragon Spirit

Bronze Trophies

  • Not on My Watch: Defeat the invading Sandoran Commander in Seles
  • Quick Thinking: Sneak into Hellena Prison
  • The Knight of Basil: Befriend Lavitz
  • Prison Break: Reunite with Shana
  • Who Watches the Warden?: Defeat Fruegel
  • Poisonous Serpent: Defeat Urobolus
  • Every Rose Has Its Thorn: Befriend Rose
  • Echoes of the Past: Defeat Virage
  • Hot Wing: Defeat Fire Bird
  • Dragon’s Nest: Defeat Greham and Feyrbrand
  • An Unlikely Pair: Defeat Drake the Bandit and Shirley
  • Have a Blast at the Carnival: Play some carnival games
  • Master of Thunder: Befriend Haschel
  • Jiango Unleashed: Defeat Jiango
  • The Trepid Threesome: Defeat Fruegel, Guftas, and Rodriguez
  • Family Troubles: Fight the Emperor Doel and Dragoon Doel
  • Once a Thief, Always a Thief: Defeat Mappi
  • A Wink and a Smile… And a Hammer: Befriend Meru
  • Phantom Connection: Defeat a Virage in Valley of Corrupted Gravity
  • The Buddy System of Enemies: Defeat Mappie and Gehrich
  • The Might of Gigantos: Befriend Kongol
  • Nice to be Back on Land Again: Defeat Lenus
  • You Look Like You’ve Just Seen a Ghost: Defeat Ghost Commander and his 4 knights
  • What We Do For Love: Defeat Lenus and Regole
  • The Sacred Sister: Befriend Miranda
  • Wrath of the Divine: Defeat Divine Dragon
  • Where’d He Go?: Defeat the Windigo
  • Silver-Haired Swordsman: Defeat Lloyd
  • He Probably Wasn’t the Last One Ever: Defeat the Last Kraken
  • They Were Quite the “Motley Crew”: Defeat Kubila, Selebus, and Vector
  • Acceptance and Forgiveness: Defeat Death Rose
  • Cage Up Claire: Defeat Claire
  • Vanquish Indora… Indoors?: Defeat Indora
  • I Can Do This With My Eyes Closed: Defeat Dark Doel
  • Archangel, Archangel, Won’t You Be Mine?: Defeat Archangel
  • Cosmic Dust: Collect 1 Stardust
  • Rags to Riches: Hold 7,000G
  • Extinguish the Spirit of Regole: Defeat the Dragon Spirit 2
  • Extinguish the Spirit of the Divine Dragon: Defeat Dragon Spirit 3

The trophy run for the Legend of Dragoon is actually not too difficult. There are a couple of notable items, namely the secret bosses and the Stardust. We’ll get to them in a bit.

The first thing to note is that the gold trophies correspond with each chapter of the game. Back in the day, you used to change out discs before starting the next chapter. Here, the trophies are unlocked after resolving a major conflict and moving on to the next region.

To the “Have a Blast at the Carnival” trophy, all you need to do is play some minigames with Shana by your side. There is a test of timing with an obstacle course, a shell game variant where you have to keep track of where the bird is while three men run in circles on stage. A shooting gallery, if memory serves right. Regardless, my advice is keep playing until the trophy pops up.

The “Rags to Riches” trophy in the Legend of Dragoon can be somewhat tricky in the early game. You don’t come across a lot of armor and weapons, so your first impulse is to buy them from shops. That’s all good. Eventually, you will have 7000G in your pockets well into the mid-game. So instead of trying to get it early, why not just do your best and let the money roll in as normal? Also, there are numerous treasure spots inside each area, they go a long way in saving you money.

All for the love of all that is good in this world, do not skip out on getting the Golden Dragoon Spirit early. I know you can get it in disc 4 and yes, you’ll have to pay 1000G to get it. But it’s so worth having early in the game. Besides, I don’t think it’s good overall to get the spirit in chapter 4 and have to level it up for it to be slightly useful.

For those who don’t know, you can actually get Kongol’s Dragoon spirit as early as Disc 2. All you have to do is to go back to Serdia after Kongol has joined the party. When you’re back in the region, go to Lohan and you’ll be met with Street Merchant who will sell you the spirit.

Alright, let’s go back to the topic of Stardust and bosses. To get the “Wish Upon a Star” Silver trophy, you’ll have to collect 30 pieces of Stardust scattered throughout the world. They are normally found in safe zones or cities but they are known to pop up in strange places. If you don’t have a guide to help you, you’ll most likely keep pressing the interact button until Dart reacts to something.

Finally, for the secret boss fights in the Legend of Dragoon – I remember there being in the haunted Dragoon tower aka the place where the spirits of Rose’s friends now haunt. There is an extremely powerful boss fight in a secret room with the ancient Fortress where you had to retrieve the Dragon Staff. And there’s one fight near the end of chapter 3 if you took an alternate route in the ice fortress.

And that’s all we have to say on this The Legend of Dragoon trophy guide. I can tell you right now that this game is deserving of both a remaster and a sequel. Others can disagree with me but I feel like it’s time that Sony really brought this series back from the dead. And one more thing, I am slightly disappointed that we didn’t get a trophy for the vegetable-cutting mini-game on the ship. Maybe next time.

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