Are there Gacha Mechanics in Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom?

This guide will explain and answer the question of whether or not gacha mechanics will be present in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom.

Tears of the Kingdom Gacha Zonai Dispenser cover

Recently, the official Legend of Zelda Twitter account shared an image of what appears to be a capsule machine appearing in The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom, suggesting that the game may include the controversial gacha mechanics—a possible first for the franchise ever.

Will there be gacha mechanics in Tears of the Kingdom?

Well, fans of the franchise could breathe easy, as even though this machine does exactly what we would expect, such as dispense capsules containing stuff, it won’t be the same kind of monetized gacha mechanic that is present in a lot of games nowadays.

The machine is known as the Zonai Dispenser, and it dispenses capsules that contain different kinds of Zonai devices such as the Fan, Portable Stove, or Wing. The dispenser accepts Zonai Charges and Horns for a capsule, and they can be obtained by defeating the aggressive Zonai guards and even by checking broken Zonai constructs. The capsule has a clear part, so you can get an idea of what you’ll get even without checking your inventory.

Will there be gacha mechanics in Tears of the Kingdom?

Once you obtain a capsule, you can keep them in your inventory and use them when you need to; they are kept in a separate bag compartment. However, once a capsule is opened, whatever content it holds cannot be placed back inside, making it sort of a consumable item. Keeping a good stock of every capsule type will come in handy if ever you find yourself in certain situations.

How to use the Zonai Dispenser - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Gacha Mechanic

How to use the Zonai Dispenser

To use the Zonai Dispenser, go into your inventory first and select a Zonai Charge or Horn. Then, choose the option to hold them; you can hold up to five items at once. Once you have them on hand, exit your inventory then approach the receptacle where you will need to insert the materials. Make sure that you see the “Put in” option appear first before pressing the A button to drop the materials.

Zonai Devices - Zelda Tears of the Kingdom Gacha Mechanic

The dispenser will then automatically dispense capsules depending on the amount of materials that you placed in it. Don’t forget to pick up the capsules right after.

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