The Mageseeker: Giant’s Helm Boss Guide

A complete Giant's Helm Boss Fight walkthrough in The Mageseeker

The Mageseeker Giant's Helmet cover

The Giant’s Helm is one of the various bosses that can be encountered in The Mageseeker. Once worn by a mighty petricite giant, these helms are now empowered by elemental magic, which they use to send out energy balls and damaging soundwaves.

Read ahead as we go through the Giant’s Helm boss fight in The Mageseeker and share some tips and tricks on how to make the fight as easy as possible.

How to defeat the Giant's Helm in The Mageseeker

How to defeat the Giant’s Helm

The Giant’s Helm is just stationary, but it has attacks that can hit you in any part of the arena. It also has mastery over two elements and can switch between them in phases. The platform it is on is quite small, but there are smaller platforms or corners where Sylas can grapple and stand on to avoid certain attacks.

After saving a Yordle named Yops from Hesbeth’s capture, you will encounter the first boss, who will have the elements of fire and ice. The second one can be encountered later on and has the elements of wind and earth. The third encounter will have Sylas fight against two helms at the same time.

Giant's Helm Phase 1 - The Mageseeker Giant's Helm Boss Fight Walkthrough

Giant’s Helm Phase 1

The boss will start off with its fire element and do some of its fireball attacks before doing a shockwave attack and switching to its ice element.

These are the boss’ attacks to watch out for:

  • Elemental Ball – The boss can fire out balls from the top of its head towards your location. It can also spawn balls around itself, between 3 to 10 balls, and shoot them all at once or shoot them in quick succession. Avoid getting hit by paying attention at where the balls are being summoned, and once it does its 10-ball attack, simply go around the boss while dodging the attack.
  • Shockwave – The boss gathers its energy and sends out shockwaves from itself. As soon as you see the boss preparing for the attack, quickly grapple towards one of the small platforms or hide behind the pillars to avoid the shockwaves.
Giant's Helm Phase 2 - The Mageseeker Giant's Helm Boss Fight Walkthrough

Giant’s Helm Phase 2

The second phase starts once the boss’ health drops to less than 70%. Among its other attacks, it adds one more attack in which the boss makes rocks fall from the ceiling. These rocks can hit anywhere on the map, even on the small platforms, so always be on the lookout for their shadows and avoid them.

Once the Giant’s Helm has been defeated, you will unlock the Big Helmet Bro achievement.

Check out this video by Kakuchopurei showing how to defeat the bosses in The Mageseeker:

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