The Mageseeker: Warden of the Forest Boss Guide

How to defeat the Warden of the Forest in The Mageseeker

The Mageseeker Warden of the Forest cover

Warden of the Forest is one of the stationary bosses that can be encountered in The Mageseeker, which uses a specific type of element that could simply spell annoying for some players. It is a spirit that wields ancient power and has taken it upon itself to protect the forest it resides in.

Read ahead as we go through the Warden of the Forest boss fight in The Mageseeker and share some tips and tricks on how to make the fight as easy as possible.

How to defeat the Warden of the Forest in The Mageseeker

How to defeat the Warden of the Forest

The Warden of the Forest uses the element of the wind for its attacks. It stays mainly stationary in the center of the arena and is surrounded by pillars. These pillars serve as cover for most of its attacks, but the boss can also use it to shoot wind shots from. The fight gets busier as it progresses since the boss’ attacks cover more area as its health goes low.

There will be power bulbs that will spring up from time to time within the arena. Sylas can break these to gain charges for his special attacks.

Warden of the Forest Boss attack patterns - The Mageseeker

These are the boss’ attacks to watch out for:

  • Wind Burst– The boss will shoot a gust of wind in a cone shape at your last location. You can strafe away from the hit zone, or you can take cover behind one of the pillars. As the fight progresses, the boss can shoot out more cones to different directions.
  • Wind Bullet – The boss will activate a pillar and make it shoot wind bullets. It’s best to avoid these pillars when they get activated. The number of activated pillars and bullets that they shoot out increases as the fight goes on.
  • Wind Blast – The boss releases a blast of wind from all around it. Try to not stay near the boss for too long.

When the boss retreats, it spawns adds that have the element of the earth. Use this opportunity to siphon their spell to use for the boss once it pops out again. These adds can attack by sending out spores in four directions. Once all of the adds present have been eliminated, their spirit comes back and homes in on your direction. Once they get close, they will explode. You can approach them to trigger detonation and quickly run away, or you can lead them to crash into a pillar.

That’s how to beat the Warden of the Forest Boss in The Mageseeker. You can also chek out this video by Kakuchopurei showing how to defeat all the bosses in The Mageseeker:

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