The Mageseeker: Sylas’ Nightmare Boss Guide

A complete Sylas' Nightmare Boss Fight walkthrough in The Mageseeker

The Mageseeker Sylas' Nightmare cover

Sylas’ Nightmare is a boss that can be encountered in The Mageseeker that utilizes unique attack patterns and various platforms that will surely be a challenge for some. It is a malevolent spirit that feeds on Sylas’ regrets and fears and uses them against him. It also has the ability to get into his mind and put him in a nightmare-like dimension.

Read ahead as we go through the Sylas’ Nightmare boss fight in The Mageseeker and share some tips and tricks on how to make the fight as easy as possible.

How to defeat Sylas’ Nightmare

Upon encountering Sylas’ nightmare, it will appear as people that Sylas has encountered in his life. The first encounter is with Rayn, the daughter of the farmer that he accidentally killed upon learning about his powers; the other encounter is with Lux.

Sylas' Nightmare Rayn Encounter - The Mageseeker Sylas' Nightmare Boss Walkthrough

Sylas’ Nightmare Rayn Encounter

Once the fight starts, you will be sent into a dimension where there are only a few platforms that you can stand on. In order to get to the platforms, you can grapple on the poles or onto the boss. The poles disappear after grappling on them and reappear after a few seconds, so make sure to use your grapple strategically to avoid getting stuck on a platform.

These are the boss’ attacks to watch out for:

  • Arm Punch – The boss pulls its hand and punches on your last location. It can be easily dodged by strafing around the boss.
  • Arm Swing – The boss will turn around and raises its arm before it swings around for an attack that covers the entire platform it is on.
  • Shadow Spike – The boss disappears and goes underneath Sylas’ shadow. It then does a spike attack which can be dodged by grappling just before it shows up.
Sylas' Nightmare Lux Encounter - The Mageseeker Sylas' Nightmare Boss Walkthrough

Sylas’ Nightmare Lux Encounter

The first part of this encounter plays out similarly to the Rayn encounter. Once the boss’ health goes down to 80%, the field changes as more platforms appear while the boss heads out on a far platform.

Afterwards, you will have to move from platform to platform towards the boss while evading its laser beam. It can shoot out its laser beam on three lanes. Try to anticipate where it is going to shoot the next beam; it helps to grapple towards a platform where a laser is just about to dissipate, and if possible, stay in the middle lane to get easy access to the side lanes.

Once you reach the boss, it will have additional attacks:

  • Ground Spin – The boss appears from the ground and swings its arm around. look out for the marker where the boss will appear.
  • Ground Spike – The boss punches the ground, causing spikes to appear underneath where you stand. Simply keep moving to avoid all the spikes.
  • Energy Balls – The boss will spawn energy balls that will fly from one side of the screen to the other. The balls will fly on three lanes and are easy to dodge.

After reaching around 30% of its health left, the boss will slam the ground, and the arena will change into a grid of arenas. Once in a while, the boss will slam its arms on the ground and break a platform, reducing the area where you can stand. The boss will do its usual attacks, but it can now also mix its energy balls (horizontal) and lasers (vertical) together.

Once the boss has been defeated, you will unlock the Past Trauma (first encounter) and the Little Light (second encounter) achievement.

Check out this video by Kakuchopurei showing how to defeat the bosses in The Mageseeker:

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