The Medium Concept Was in the Works in Bloober Team’s Early Years

The Medium 4K

The Medium is Bloober Team’s upcoming title for the next-generation consoles and properly so due to the amount of detail it will show. Another reason for its exclusivity for the Xbox Series S/X and a powerful PC is its unique feature: the ability to control a single character in two distinct worlds simultaneously.

Bloober Team Founder Piotr Babieno shares an interesting fact about this interesting feature that the game employs in almost all its gameplay.

Babieno revealed that the concept of a single character being controlled in two distinct worlds simultaneously was actually in the works since the company’s early years. This was just put inside a shelf temporarily after they developed other horror games like the popular Layers of Fear. Also his developers told him of an issue that would come up if they continued to implement the concept.

The founder shared that his engineers told him that it was possible but it needed to be on really high-end PCs. It was not possible on current-generation consoles due to its mechanics. They were trying to develop a game that would render two worlds at the same time. The power of the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One were not on par with their concept.

Fortunately three years ago, the team had heard about the next-gen consoles especially the upcoming Xbox Series X. Babieno noted that the representatives came to them with dev kits so they thought this was the time to make that game happen. That was The Medium.

Babieno is confident that the upcoming game will deliver with the help of the Xbox Series X.

The Medium is coming to Xbox Series X and PC in December 2020.

Interview source: Games Industry