The Outlast Trials Prescriptions: Best Perks, How to Unlock & Use Them

Find out more about all the helpful prescriptions and what their effects are in The Outlast Trials with the help of this guide.

The Outlast Trials Prescriptions cover

Prescriptions are perks that players can acquire in The Outlast Trials. These prescriptions provide players with different kinds of abilities that could potentially help make future runs a bit easier or harder challenges a bit more manageable. Read ahead as we go through all of the prescriptions in The Outlast Trials and get an idea of which ones to go for first.

How to unlock Prescriptions in Outlast Trials

To unlock prescriptions in The Outlast Trials, players must first reach Therapy Level 3 by earning XP through completing trials and challenges. Once done, they will be able to go and visit Emily Barlow at the Pharmacy.

Outlast Trials Prescriptions

The pharmacy offers two tiers of prescriptions that have eight prescriptions each, resulting in sixteen different prescriptions in total. Tier 1 prescriptions can be purchased and unlocked in any order, however, Tier 2 prescriptions can only be purchased after purchasing all of the Tier 1 prescriptions.

The Outlast Trials Tier 1 Prescriptions

These are all the Tier 1 prescriptions and their effects:

  • Instant Use – Allows using a consumable without having to store it in the inventory.
  • Slide – Allows sliding by pressing crouch while running.
  • Regeneration – A small amount of health will regenerate after a short delay.
  • Self Defense Technique – Bottles and bricks in the inventory can be used to escape a grab.
  • Kick to Help – Kick enemies to release allies from their grab.
  • Life Saver – Kick enemies to interrupt them from executing allies.
  • Run and Smash Doors – Allows instantly opening doors and cracking locked doors while running.

The Outlast Trials Tier 2 Prescriptions

These are all the Tier 2 prescriptions and their effects:

  • Expanded Inventory – Increases inventory size to four slots.
  • Doors Basher – Locked doors can be bashed in just two hits.
  • Breaching Technique – Bashing will not consume stamina.
  • Speed Boost – Increases running speed.
  • Endurance – Reduces stamina consumption while running.
  • Athlete – Increases maximum stamina.
  • Parkour Technique – Reduces stamina consumption for jumping and climbing.

Best Prescriptions to go for in The Outlast Trials

To help decide which prescriptions to prioritize, we’ve listed the top 5 Tier 2 prescriptions that we think are the essentials to make future runs survivable and manageable, starting from the most important to the least important. This list assumes that you have already purchased all of the Tier 1 prescriptions.

  1. Speed Boost – The faster you go, the better chance of survival you’ll get.
  2. Doors Basher – A must get to reduce the instances of getting pinned down because of a very sturdy door.
  3. Expanded Inventory – If you want to maximize your usage of bricks and bottles to get out of a sticky situation, you would want to get a bigger inventory for them.
  4. Endurance – You would not want to suddenly run out of stamina while getting chased.
  5. Breaching Technique – To improve your door-bashing skills a bit more, just to be sure no door will cause your demise.

By unlocking and making good use of the prescriptions listed above, you will have a much easier time getting an A+ in trials and will have a higher chance of completing Program X in The Outlast Trials.

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