The Outlast Trials Reagent Release Protocol: Farewell Mansion Trial Guide

This guide goes through the steps on how to unlock the Farewell Trial in The Outlast Trials and how to complete it.

The Outlast Trials Farewell Trial cover

Farewell is the final trial in The Outlast Trials‘ campaign. This trial is part of the Reagent Release Protocol set in the Mansion, which promises freedom for test subjects who manage to clear it. Only experienced Reagents can take part in this trial, so read ahead as we go through the steps on how to unlock the Farewell trial and complete it to reach the ending.

How to unlock the Farewell Mansion Trial in The Outlast Trials

To unlock the Farewell trial, you must first complete all of the 15 trials and missions from the three programs. This will unlock Program X, which rewards Reborn Tokens for every trial completed under it. Once 10 Reborn Tokens have been collected, you can then talk to the Officer near the restricted release area to finally get access to the Farewell trial set in the Mansion.

Farewell Mansion Trial Walkthrough

The Farewell trial will be a solo-only trial. Before accepting it, you will be given a notice regarding the Reagent Release Protocol to give you a heads-up on what will happen after the trial. Basically, completing the trial will have you go through the game’s prestige system, where you will start over and create a new character. However, only your Program X progress will be reset; the rest of Programs 1 to 3 will remain tagged as completed, and all of your collectibles, cosmetics, and Therapy Level will be kept after restarting.

After riding the shuttle to the Mansion, you will arrive at the main corridor of the mansion, where you will see a mannequin behind the table, and on top of the table are two boxes of files. You will need to bring these files to their respective offices to proceed. Like every time you have to carry something, your speed will be impaired, and you will have to drop the object first if you need to hide.

Who are you?

Who are you? - The Outlast Trials Farewell Mansion Trial Walkthrough

Starting with the box on the left, carry it, then open the gate on the left side by holding down the switch. You may see an enemy patrolling and walking towards the gate; let it pass first, then open the gate again. The gate will only stay up for a few seconds, after which you will have to open it back up again.

After taking the box to the right office, place it on the table, then make your way back to the main hall and do the same for the other box, but this time take the path on the right. Drop the box at the next office to complete the objective.

Hear the words. See the words.

Hear the words. See the words. - The Outlast Trials Farewell Mansion Trial Walkthrough

Next, go down the stairs that you passed by recently to do a key finding task. Look at the two monitors next to the gates to get the clues for the keys that you will have to find. Then head to the doorway that has KEYS written on it.

You will then have to find the corpses with the right symbols tattooed on them to find the keys. After getting both keys, go back to the gates to open them.

The next objective will have you look for three terminals where you will have to adjust the signal to match the frequencies. These terminals are scattered throughout the new rooms that you have just unlocked. As before, you will need to twist the dials to match the frequency shown on the screen.

Once all the frequencies have been matched, your next objective is to look for a film reel hidden within the mansion and even in the outdoor area of the mansion. After finding it, bring it over to the Theatre and replace the reel on the projector with the one you brought.


Rebirth - The Outlast Trials Farewell Mansion Trial Walkthrough

After placing the reel, the door to the back of the mansion will open up, leading to the same place you’ve been before when you first started the trials. Instead of taking the shuttle, take the door on the right and follow the path through the ceiling and corridors. Mother Gooseberry will also be chasing you at the latter part of this path, so stay alert.

You will then find a corridor with an employee-only sign. Go through it to complete the trial. A cutscene will play that shows the Outlast Trials ending. After the credits roll, you will then go back to the facility, start again with the character creation screen, and continue playing the game.

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