The Planet Crafter: How to Deconstruct Items

A guide on how to deconstruct buildings and structures in Planet Crafter

Planet Crafter Deconstruction cover

In The Planet Crafter, players can craft buildings and also deconstruct them by using their nifty multitool, and the process itself is quick and simple, plus there are no wasted materials. Read ahead as we go through the steps on how to deconstruct in The Planet Crafter.

To start deconstructing items or structures, you need to make a deconstruction chip.

How to Unlock the Deconstruction Tool in The Planet Crafter

crafting the deconstruction chip in The Planet Crafter

The deconstruction tool is unlocked by crafting the deconstruction chip. Select the Microchip – Deconstruction from your drop pod’s crafting terminal, or Craft Station T2. The crafting materials needed are one silicon and one magnesium. These materials should be readily available near where you landed.

equip the deconstruction chip in The Planet Crafter

Once crafted, equip the Microchip – Deconstruction on your Gear by going through the Inventory [Tab].

How to Deconstruct Buildings and Items

  1. Equip your Multitool. Next, with your Multitool on, scroll through your tools until you have Deconstruct selected (a hammer down icon).
  2. Aim at the object you want to remove and left-click. Aim at the building, structure, equipment, or debris that you want to deconstruct and then just click on it. All of the materials used for the deconstructed building and any structures connected to the deconstructed building will also be deconstructed, and have their materials refunded back to you in your inventory (if there’s space).
  3. Be aware of the tooltip that shows which part will be deconstructed. Be precise, as the tooltip shows what will be affected.
How to Deconstruct Buildings and Items in The Planet Crafter

Types of Deconstructable Objects in The Planet Crafter

The Planet Crafter also lets you reclaim resources from way more than just the things you have crafted. You can explore to find these deconstructable objects:

  • Chests: Blue chests yield iron, while the rarer gold chests provide aluminum and super alloy.
  • Outdated Terraforming Gear: As you unlock better drills, heaters, etc., don’t forget to deconstruct the old ones to get a big chunk of their materials back for your upgrades.
  • Wrecked Equipment: Deconstruct objects blocking your path in wrecks. Old panels, and other inactive machines in crashed ships and ruins can be broken down for valuable parts.

Important Things to Remember when Deconstructing

Deconstructing in The Planet Crafter might seem simple, but there are a few key things that will make your life much easier:

  • Buildings need to be completely empty before for the deconstruction to work.
  • Containers must also be emptied out first before they can be deconstructed.
  • Deconstructing one part can sometimes take down a whole connected structure so be careful.
  • Even doors and windows on living compartments can be taken apart for resources if you deconstruct the entire compartment.
  • Advanced Dismantling: Some objects, like Technical Debris, need a special tool. Deconstructing Technical Debris will need you to unlock the Microchip – Deconstruction T2 first and have it equipped before they can be deconstructed. This microchip can be unlocked through collecting and decoding 28 blueprint microchips.

Alternatives to Deconstructing: Build Over It

Another way to deconstruct things in The Planet Crafter is to simply just build over them, provided that you get an all-green to build on that area. This is usually possible when you want to construct a connecting living compartment over a door, the door will be deconstructed as soon as you build the living compartment over it.