The Planet Crafter: How to Get Unlimited Oxygen

A guide on how to have unlimited Oxygen in The Planet Crafter 1.0

Planet Crafter Oxygen cover

Oxygen is one of the ingredients in terraforming the planet in The Planet Crafter. In a planet that simply has no oxygen, players will simply have to find ways to keep their oxygen tanks filled before the atmosphere becomes breathable. Thankfully, there is a way to essentially have free unlimited oxygen while exploring the planet. Read ahead as we share some tips on how to have an unlimited supply of oxygen in The Planet Crafter.

To getting unlimited oxygen in The Planet Crafter, simply construct Living Compartments.

The trick to getting unlimited oxygen in The Planet Crafter is to simply construct Living Compartments spaced around the planet and on points of interest. Living Compartments act like oxygen stations and fill up your oxygen tank just by simply staying in one for a few seconds, so having some built along your usual routes to the different areas and biomes will help ease up your oxygen needs.

To build a Living Compartment (and its door), you will need the following materials:

  • x3 Iron
  • x2 Titanium
  • x1 Silicon

When venturing out to explore a new area for the first time, it is recommended to bring these materials or pick them up along the way so that you can set up an oxygen station in a pinch, along with some Oxygen Capsules for emergencies.

Another trick is you can also use your deconstruction tool to make the oxygen system portable. Construct the Living Compartment as you run out of oxygen, then deconstruct it again as you go, repeat the process over as needed. Just keep an eye on your oxygen meter!

You will eventually progress in the game further where you will have sustainable sources of Oxygen such as the Biodome and a better Biodome T2. Once you have reached the breathable oxygen stage at 32 GTi, you won’t have to worry about running out of oxygen anymore, however, that milestone will take some time to reach. Take note that this milestone is tied to the total Terraforming Index of the planet and not just towards the planet’s oxygen level.