The Wait Is Over. “The Last Guardian” Is Here.

The Last Guardian

With The Last Gaurdian confirmed to have ‘Gone Gold’ by Sony Interactive exec Shuhei Yoshida, the long awaited game is set to release this holiday, December 6. For those who aren’t too well acquainted with The Last Guardian or the game director/designer Fumito Ueda (who is responsible for acclaimed PlayStation hits; Ico in 2001 and Shadow of Colossus in 2005), the game centers around an unknown boy who meets a giant bird like mammal, Trico, as they work together to evade evil guards/captors and complete puzzles.


The game will borrow the same puzzle platform-action adventure elements from “Ico” and “Shadow of Colossus” which were both similar in style, theme, and gameplay.


Now if your looking for a good adventure/puzzle game, or any good game in particular to enjoy this holiday, remember to jot The Last Guardian down on your wish list.