The Witcher Remake to Release After Witcher 4 Launches

Looks like a long wait.

The Witcher 3 Geralt

CD Projekt RED has confirmed that in order to launch The Witcher Remake, they should release Witcher 4 first.

According to a recent financial conference with CDPR (via PC Gamer), CEO Adam Kiciński revealed that the remake of the original The Witcher game will be coming after the launch of “Polaris”, which is the codename for the upcoming new Witcher title. He explained that the remake will be based on the technologies that are going into making the new game. This would mean that both titles will be in development at the same time, in some sense.

Since it is still in the early stage, CDPR could say the exact date it will be released. Since Witcher 4 is estimated to launch three years later, the remake will definitely take a lot more time to do so. Fans will definitely have to wait a long time before they could get a glimpse of what to expect.

The Witch game is still in development.