Titanfall Discontinues New Sales Starting Today; To Remove from Subscription Services 2022

End of an era.

Respawn Entertainment has made it official: Titanfall new sales has been discontinued starting today and will be removed from subscription services early next year.

In a new post on the official Twitter account of Respawn Entertainment, the game studio confirmed that they will be removing/discontinuing the new sales of the original Titanfall game starting today. This means players will not be seeing the game on the PlayStation Store, Xbox Store, Steam, Origin, or any other digital platform and it starts now.

Aside from discontinuing new sales, the original game will be removed from all of its subscription services starting March 1, 2022. Servers will still be live for those who are still dedicated to play despite having low player numbers recently. Still, Respawn Entertainment will keep its servers open for those who will feel nostalgic or just want to have a round or two.

Respawn Entertainment thanks everyone for their continued support and will always remember that Titanfall is the game that “showcased the ambitions of the studio when it first released more than 7 years ago.” It will also continue to be a “beacon of innovation” that they want to incorporated for all of their games.

Some fans are taking it hard, condemning Respawn for abandoning the series for Apex Legends. Others just want to move on and thanked the developers for their hard work.

Titanfall first launched on March 11, 2014 for Xbox One and PC.

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