To the Rescue! Opens Its Doors Early November 2021

The Switch Version is still gonna take its sweet time

Developer Little Rock Games and publisher Freedom Games have announced that their heartfelt dog shelter management simulator, To the Rescue!, will be launching on PC and Mac (via Steam) on Thursday, November 04th, 2021. The Nintendo Switch version, on the other hand, will available in Q1 2022.

20% of proceeds from both versions will be donated to The Petfinder Foundation to support real world animal shelters.

Take charge of the local animal shelter to help stray pups find new and loving forever homes. In between belly rubs and play sessions, ensure that the inner workings of the shelter are running properly. Foster a warm and welcoming environment for future parents and meet their soon-to-be companions.

To the Rescue!

Make sure people and pups find their perfect fit by matching between 4 dog sizes 7 breed types, and dozens of individual personality traits for adopters and doggos. It’s a bittersweet day when furry friends leave the shelter, but the happiness on their faces knowing they’ve found their families warms the heart every time.

Taking care of dogs isn’t all fun and games; there’s inevitably more to be done. Balance feeding, grooming, and exercise schedules for all of the dogs. Treat any illnesses that may occur during their time under your care. Manage shelter resources by upgrading facilities and replenishing inventory, all on a tight budget. Keep up good standing with other members of the neighborhood to keep the shelter support strong.

“To The Rescue! balances the wholesome feel of a loving and cozy animal game with some of the hectic realities of running a real animal shelter,” said Olivia Dunlap, co-founder, Little Rock Games. “We wanted to pay respect to all of the hardworking volunteers running actual animal shelters and raise awareness for their profession through the power of video games!”

To the Rescue! Features

  • Support Real-World Charity: 20% of the profit from all sales of To the Rescue! goes towards real dog shelters through our charity partner the PetFinder Foundation.
  • Every Dog is Unique: Each dog is generated with its own traits and preferences to make them unique and memorable.
  • Match Dogs with Adopters’ Needs: Adopters will often come into the shelter looking for specific things. Match their preferences to increase the chances of adoption.
  • Upgrade Your Shelter: If you end up with spare funds, you can upgrade the shelter to have deluxe kennels, get help cleaning or upkeep, and more!
  • Keep the Shelter Open: Sometimes it can be tough to afford to take care of all the dogs in the shelter. You’ll need to be thrifty and sometimes make tough decisions so that you can keep helping dogs find homes.

For more information about the game, check out the game’s official website. You can wishlist the game right now on Steam.

Source: Press Release