Top 15 Best Armored Core 6 Decal Designs – PC

Top 15 Best Armored Core 6 Decal Designs - PC

Customizing your AC in Armored Core 6 is one way to make it your own. With players taking the time to edit and utilize the Image Editor and get those creative juices flowing. With decals and emblems ranging from known Mecha-inspired movies and video game franchises to just straight-up nonsense just for the fun of it, here are some of the best decals from other players and creators you can choose from and put into your own Armored Core.

Kojima Productions Decal

Made by Reddit user u/Limgrave, this decal is specifically from Hideo Kojima Productions as their main logo, popularized when Death Stranding came out. This logo is impressively made and would look impressive when placed on your AC. This might be one of the best decals out there yet for all the Metal Gear fans, including me.

Apex Predator Decal

Made by Reddit user u/fishbeat1, this is for all the AC pilots out there right now wrecking all kinds of mechs and at the top of their game. Proving themselves to be the proper Apex Predators in the battlefield in order to put on this decal on their mechs, at the same time giving players the nostalgia they had with the similar Titanfall series that also featured combat mechas.

NERV Decal

From Reddit user u/JamoJustReddit, made this NERV organization decal famously from the Neon Genesis Evangelion series. Just the right type of decal for all the Evangelion fans out there to put on their AC.

Among Us Decal

  • Share ID Code: HFN2RWY4LS08
  • Creator: u/jordroy

Reddit user u/jordroy really wants to flush out the imposter Mech in the battlefield is with this Among Us decal. These are for the ones who don’t want to be called out for being “sus” with their combat skills.

Adeptus Mechanicus Decal

User u/archgingerbob made this decal for those who praise the Machine God, Omnissiah and all who follow their cult, and also for the Warhammer 40K lore lovers out there. This decal is appropriate in putting it on ACs for all that mechanical warfare glory.

Decepticon Decal

Decal from Reddit user u/Mr-Zahhak, this decal really captures that classic ominous Decepticon vibe to it with that “metallic shine” look to it. This one goes for the AC pilots out there that really want to make some chaos.

The Witcher Medallion Decal

  • Share ID code: VQ3VWE59T4AK
  • Creator: u/Ishkah_

When a Witcher hunts down Armored Cores. Reddit user u/Ishkah_ really took the time to make this impressive Witcher decal detailed as possible. Even making some changes to the old design, adding in that red eye glow on the emblem. Witcher fans will surely get to love this.

Elden Ring Decal

Now this one is for the Elden Ring veterans out there, made by Reddit user u/aflores992, bringing in their honed combat skills to their AC, making those record-breaking speedruns and defeating bosses flawlessly.

Bloodborne Hunter’s Mark Decal

  • Share ID code: WQZ9FFFDQEMV
  • Creator: u/Xaeveax

Making its way into another FromSoftware game is this Bloodborne decal from Reddit user u/Xaevaex. Reference aside, this decal serves as the reminder on those countless hours being put in to get past the boss battles from FromSoftware’s infamous series.

Neon Genesis Evangelion Decal

Reddit user u/Calewhale really put in the time and effort in making this detailed Neon Genesis Evangelion-inspired decal. With that being said, it really connects and captures the mecha feels that surrounds Armored Core’s lore of mechanical conflict and the consequences of human inactions.

Destiny Death Screen Decal

The Darkness consumes you. ” Inspired from Destiny 1’s death screen, this decal created by Reddit user u/DamageAlarming89 gives players fond memories of hours grinding out in Bungie’s Destiny series, quite similar to what we are doing now in Armored Core 6.

Duct Tape Decal

While other players have decals that are ominous or symbolizing their badassery, such as skull-inspired designs or logos from famous pop culture franchises and video games. There are others, that well, like to poke a little bit of fun and breaking the ice of seriousness in Armored Core 6, such as this Duct Tape decal from Reddit user u/katotaka.

Dai Gurren Decal

Created by Reddit user u/Scizzoman, this comes from the Dai Gurren, a walking mecha battleship that houses Team Dai-Gurren, which others may know comes from the Japanese mecha-anime, Gurren Lagann. Which serves right putting this on your own walking combat AC.

Lousy T-Shirt Decal

All those endless re-tries and hours of combat and evasion, sweat, tears and cans of energy drinks and all you got was this? Reddit user u/shiftywalruseyes made this one, inspired by those lame tourist shirts, kind of makes the AC mechs look a little sad and tired all the while poking fun and giving other players who see this decal a good laugh or smile.

Weyland-Yutani Decal

  • Share ID code: ETT8LR0RE2S3
  • Creator: u/Ronin1

On Rubicon… No one can hear you scream.” Putting this Weyland-Yutani decal made by Reddit user u/Ronin1 on your mech gives it that otherworldly-vibe to it similar to how it was in the Aliens franchise, as the corporation has their own mech machines being used in outer space too, reflecting of how rogue corporations are exploiting planetary resources similar to what they have in Armored Core 6.

Cowabunga Decal

Created by user u/probabilityEngine, having this decal on your mech tells others that you mean business and going all in, no holds barred. Even as its origin as a meme, this is great for pilots who have nothing to lose on the battlefields of Rubicon, as long as they get through that one Boss Battle, even if it means getting wrecked in the process and trying again.

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