Top 15 Best Armored Core 6 Decal Designs – Xbox

Top 15 Best Armored Core 6 Decal Designs - Xbox

Players who want that extra flair for their mechs in Armored Core 6 may want to customize them with emblems or decals. However, it could take hours and hours of inputting layer after layer to create that unique design. Here we will be listing down some of the decals that players and creators alike have been working on for you to save some time in customizing your Armored Core.

Monster Hunter Malzeno Decal

Created by Reddit user u/appleby103, specially made for the Monster Hunter fans. Like the winged creature itself, putting this on your mech represents how relentless a mech pilot you are, leaving nothing in your wake but charred metal.

Chippin’ In Decal

Inspired by the Cyberpunk 2077 series, Reddit user u/CircuitVet certainly made this one for all the mercenaries, Edgerunners and Ravens alike, bringing the chaos from Night City into the fields of Rubicon.

Warhammer Purity Seal Decal

In the world of Warhammer 40K, Purity Seals are carried by various Imperial troops and applied to weapons, armor and vehicles. It is a mark of a Space Marine’s pure faith and morality. And creator u/OnyxDireWolf certainly made this decal to be carried among the numerous mech pilots in Armored Core.

Wendigo Decal

Want that creepy and scary decal to instill fear on other Pilots? Reddit user u/Nyarlathotep has got the perfect decal for you. Inspired by the Skinwalker legends of Native Americans, this one definitely sends chills down their spines.

Linkin Park Decal

Created for those who love to listen to music while destroying mechs in Armored Core, here is one of the few decals that represent the music scene, a Linkin Park logo made by u/Cybil_bit. Good to put on your mech while headbanging to some of LP’s greatest hits. If I could say so myself, Chester would be proud.

Survey Corps Decal

Bearing similarities to each other, Attack on Titan and Armored Core are no different. Battling various gigantic creatures and armed mechanical robots of destruction certainly brings this decal justice, made by user u/TooLazyToReadIt.

Destiny Logo Decal

The Destiny logo created by u/Nyctosapherem is intricately made, from the distressed look and scratch marks, it would absolutely be a great addition to your mechs to add to that damaged and worn out look.

Elden Ring Decal

One of the few Elden Ring decals made out there, this one by user u/FyrnEbrithil, has that magical look and feel to it, clearly taking up the time and effort for all the Elden Ring fans and Tarnished out there.

Hellsing Decal

Created by u/solaires_sun inspired from the Hellsing manga and series. This decal serves as a great addition to put on your mechs, as it symbolizes Alucard’s combat ferocity defeating various enemies, mechs and vampires alike.

Distressed Warning Sign

This decal is for players that want authentic decals to put on their mechs. One of several decals created by u/FrivolousFever, this could be appropriate to add on to the parts and weaponry of your Armored Core.

A Like Supreme Decal

Another great and detailed decal made by u/CircuitVet, inspired by the album cover of the band, Samurai from the game Cyberpunk 2077. Makes another great addition to the customization of your Armored mechs, coupled with the proper colorways to really make this decal stand out.

Halo NOBLE Team Decal

  • Share ID code: 7GB40WDZLH8M
  • Creator: u/Losiggy

Inspired by the video game Halo: Reach, Team NOBLE of the UNSC’s Special Warfare Group created by u/Losiggy, appropriately made for use by Xbox users in Armored Core that are fans of the Halo franchise.

Keep Your Fingers Decal (Clean)

One of the few versions made by u/GreenLeesV3, makes you want to keep in mind that despite having full control of your Armored Core, you still have to be careful in handling the massive machinery hanging out in your Garage. This is a “Clean” version of the decal.

Keep Your Fingers Decal (Scratched)

The “scratched” and “worn-out” version of the decal above by u/GreenLeesV3. Players may want this on their who like that distressed and damaged look on their Armored mechs.

Danger Sign Decal

Another of u/FrivolousFever’s decals, this provides one of that authentic and proper Mecha look to their Armored Cores yet keeping it simple and minimalistic.

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