Top 5 games you’ll enjoy playing during the holiday season

Now, I know everyone will enjoy playing games no matter what season it is, but these ones will significantly boost your gaming experience due to their in-game elements combined with this holiday’s spirit.



  1. Overwatch


Yes, Overwatch. This one doesn’t come up as a surprise anymore to anyone, but Overwatch is a game that continues to add more content in it (what makes this really nice is that they incorporate big events in the game and add new modes to play, such as the Summer Olympics, Halloween, and now the holidays).

In this holiday season, Blizzard added a new arcade game called “Mei’s Snowball Fight”. In this game mode, you may only play Mei, but the fun it brings deserves this kind of mentioning. You can mostly enjoy this mode with your friends, as things tend to get more exciting and thrilling since you only get shot once with a snowball before getting eliminated in the match (you only have one ammo for a snowball, but you can also reload on specific glowing-snow places. Be sure to use your ammo wisely and aim properly! Mei’s ultimate ability has been changed in this one, too, turning her Blizzard ultimate into a ‘Flurry’, where you can shoot unlimited snowballs at the enemy for a certain duration. Use this to your advantage!). New skins and unlockables are available for several characters in-game, too, so if you are a big fan of the game and a collector, at that, then that’s also worth seeing into. There are other maps, too, that have been modified to suit this holiday’s season (Hanamura and King’s Row), making Overwatch a game you’ll surely enjoy playing during this season.