Felippe’s top 5 games for 2016

2016 is almost ending but before we say goodbye to the rollercoster of a ride that is the year 2016 and prepare ourselves for 2017, lets take a trip down memory lane with me as I present to you my personal top 5 games for the year 2016.



5. Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 was a game that I was waiting for ever since it was announced. At first I thought that a World War I themed game would be impossible to make since World War II or modern set fps are more popular and some even probably overlooked the possibility of setting a game in that era; but lo and behold, DICE and EA was nice enough to give us one of the best games to depict the said era. The game accurately features what it was like to be in World War I, from the guns, to the intensity, to the violence of chemical weapons, I can say with confidence that Battlefield 1 did not disappoint.


4.Valiant Force

This mobile game caught me off guard. Mobile games are games I thought I’d just pick up and play anytime, but for me to get addicted to this game to the point of paying attention to it almost every time was something I did not expect. I mean, I’m not one to get hooked to a mobile game, infact I’m pretty quick to abandon a mobile game after one week.  With the amount of content Valiant Force has, this game is worth your try.


3. Hello Neighbor

For this game, I only managed to try out the first Alpha, I haven’t tried the latest Alpha 3 build yet, however from what I could tell, Hello Neighbor is shaping up in becoming perhaps what could be the next Five Nights at Freddy’s. This game caught me off guard with it’s childish art direction, and it really made me feel silly for being confident and taking the game lightly. I personally cannot wait for this game to be completed.


2.The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt – Blood and Wine

Witcher 3 was already an outstanding game, but when CD Projekt RED released the game’s final expansion, Blood and Wine, I couldn’t help but expand my respect for the game even more. Who would’ve thought that a a trailer, initially thought to be purely for promotion, would hold a significant piece in the game’s side stories. This expansion was enough to give the “A night to remember” trailer for the Witcher 3 an even greater amount of weight compared to it’s weight initially. It gives me the impression the CD Projekt RED planned it all from the start.


1. Overwatch

Now it’s no surprise that Overwatch made it, I mean it isn’t GOTY for no reason. Initially I never thought I’d get to love Overwatch, in fact I never would’ve thought I would even play it. At first I didn’t consider it, but after getting the chance to try it myself, I instantly found myself hooked to the game. It combines the adrenaline filled excitement of an FPS and the craziness of MOBA games, guised under the looks of what’s close to Pixar animation. Could you possibly ask for more?