Top 6 Essential Pokémon for Breeding in Sun and Moon

So you’ve probably finished the game by now or just about to or maybe you are still exploring one of the four islands in hopes to find all the secrets of the game. No matter where you are in the story right now, there are Pokémon that are essential to your journey in the Alola islands. I have gathered and researched the top 6 essential pokémon for breeding in Sun and Moon. Their importance is based on their usefulness in regards of the things you need for breeding and completing your Pokedex. In no particular order:sm_pokemon_245Ditto –  Ditto is one of the essential pokémon that you need if you want to breed pokémon as you are looking for that perfect Decidueye or Primarina. You need to catch a Ditto that is at least 4-6 IV to increase the chances of a baby pokémon having a high IV. Ditto is genderless that is why you can breed it with any other pokémon. It has a 10% chance of spawning rate and can be spotted at Route 10 of Ula’ula Island.


sm_pokemon_573 sm_pokemon_225


Talonflame or Magmar – Both of these pokémon has the ability called Flamebody which helps increase the hatch rate of an egg. And these two are ones that are easier to find in the wild and catch. An easy way to get a Talonflame is catch a Fletchinder at Route 8 and then evolve it to a Talonflame. For Magmar, you can catch its first evolution Magby at Wela Volcano Park.


Munchlax (Event) – The event Munchlax is very essential if you wanna get the event move Hold Back and Happy Hour. Hold Back is a move that leaves the enemy at 1HP making the enemy easier to capture. Happy Hour, on the other hand, is a move that doubles the amount of money you receive after the battle. These two abilities are only available if you get the Munchlax that is being given out right now for players who have bought the game before January 11, 2017. You can receive this via Mystery Gift and it comes with a Z-Crystal for Snorlax which is the Snorlium Z.


sm_pokemon_095 sm_pokemon_513



Meowth or Lillipup – These pokémon have an ability called Pickup which is very essential to get the Dusk Stone and Sun Stone. These stones are needed to evolve certain pokémon since these can’t be bought. You can catch the Meowth at Route 1/2, Hau’oli City or the Malie Garden. As for the Lillipup, you can catch this at Route 4/5/6 and Paniola Ranch. Make sure not to let these pokémon evolve or they will lose the Pickup ability. Do not let them carry any items so they can get items with their Pickup ability. There is also a good chance to get a Destiny Knot via the Pickup ability. This item is essential if you want to pass down the IV of your parent pokémon to the child pokémon.



Ribombee – This pokémon has an ability called Honey Gather which allows it to gather Honey that allows you to lure wild pokémon. This is essential if you an easy way to catch as much as pokémon as you want to without having to run around constantly. You can catch Ribombee at the Poni Meadow or the Ula’ula Meadow.


Any pokémon with Sleep Ability – One of the easiest one to have the Sleep move is Smeargle. The Smeargle has move called Sketch. This move inherits the move of an enemy to make it its own. Just have the Smeargle fight an enemy which has a Sleep move to obtain it. You can catch a Smeargle early on at Route 2.

How about you guys? Which pokémon do you think is essential for your gameplay and which pokémon can you live without. Hit the comments!