What has changed in Trials of Osiris Destiny 2 Lightfall & Season 20?

Here's what you can expect from Trials of Osiris this Season of Defiance and beyond

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Trials of Osiris Destiny 2 is back for Season 20. Although it wasn’t planned as such. Initially, we were supposed to have Iron Banner this weekend. But because of issues such as the persistent invisible Guardian bug, that has been pushed to next week.

In this article, we’ll go over what’s new in Trials of Osiris Destiny now that Lightfall has launched. This includes new weapons, revamped Trials gear, and new systems put into place. We’ll also talk briefly about the future of Trials of Osiris in 2023 and beyond.

New Trials of Osiris Destiny 2 Weapon

The Immortal Submachine gun is looking to replace the IKELOS SMG as the must-use SMG this season. From the get-go, this new Strand weapon has incredible base stats and an impressive perk pool that’ll make it hard for Guardians to choose just one setup.

Reprised Trials Weapon

The Astral Horizon shotgun is a reprieved weapon for Trials of Osiris. It has some of the same perk combinations as before but has expanded options such as Slideshot and Cascade Point.

Returning Trials Weapons

The following weapons are returning to the Trials weapon pool for this season. They are still as useful as they’ve always been. Albeit humbled with the arrival and ascendance of the new Immortal SMG.

  • Whistler’s Whim Combat Bow
  • The Inquisitor Shotgun
  • Exalted Truth Hand Cannon
  • Unwavering Duty Machine Gun

Do note that only The Immortal SMG can have an Adept drop this week.

Trials of Osiris Matching Making

The big news for Trials is that the Freelance playlist has been removed from the game. In its place is a new system called Fireteam-based matchmaking. In this newly balanced system, fireteams will be put into a supposed bigger, healthier pool where outliers in both skill extremes have been provided more protections.

The issue of highly skilled players getting match made with not-so-skilled players for the sake of balance has been a major topic of discussion for the longest time. It’s not fair for the player to have to 1v3 the entire match and it’s not fair to the other members of the team who do not stand a ghost of a chance in highly skilled lobbies.

Hopefully, this new system has done something about that.

Trials of Osiris Legacy Focusing

When it comes to Legacy Focusing, it seems like Bungie has made further adjustments to how much we had to pay to make weapons we had and had not earned before.

For previously unlocked weapons, they cost:

  • 2 Trials Engrams
  • 10,000 Glimmer
  • 25 Legendary Shards

Unacquired weapons will cost:

  • 5 Trials Engrams
  • 25,000 Glimmer
  • 50 Legendary Shards

Legacy Weapons for Season 20:

  • Shayura’s Wrath Submachine Gun
  • Reed’s Regret Linear Fusion Rifle
  • Aisha’s Embrace Scout Rifle
  • Burden of Guilt Fusion Rifle
  • Forgiveness Sidearm

For armor pieces the cost is as follows:

  • Unlocked:
    • 1 Trials Engram
    • 25 Legendary Shards
    • 5,000 Gimmer
  • Locked:
    • 3 Trials Engrams
    • 50 Legendary Shards
    • 10,000 Glimmer

Legacy Armor for Season 20:

  • Pyrrhic Ascent Set
  • Exile Set

All Trials engrams are now in the care of Saint-14.

It is worth noting that old Trials of Osiris engrams from previous seasons do not mesh with the new system. These will need to be decrypted over at Master Rahool first. Only then will the new system take affect for your Guardian.

Trials of Osiris Adept Loot

Each weapon in the loot pool will now have a chance to drop an Adept version on specific weeks. The weapons rotate throughout the season at will drop at the conclusion of a flawless run.

Once you have acquired the Adept weapon, you can then focus it from Saint-14 in exchange for:

  • 1 Trials Engram
  • 50,000 Glimmer
  • 50 Legendary Shards
  • 1 Any 7-Win Trials Passage

In other words, you still need to go Flawless in order to focus the weapon from Saint-14 ONCE. The moment you’ve earned that Flawless card, you won’t need another flawless card to farm that Adept weapon.

The Future of Trials of Osiris

From interviews last year, it seems like Trials of Osiris is going to receive a sizable update this year. We don’t know what those plans are yet or an estimated time as to when they’ll be announced. But we’d like to have the updates arrive sooner than later.

Bungie did mention once upon a time about introducing a new Trials Labs sometime in Season 20. That could have something to do with that.

And that’s everything we have right now with regard to Trials of Osiris this season. To remain up to date on everything concerning Trials of Osiris Destiny 2 or just the game in general, stay tuned to us here. Good luck in future Trials, Guardians.

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