Ubisoft+ Xbox Launch Rumored to be Coming Soon

Ubisoft's subscription service could have the same treatment as EA Play.

A new rumor claims that the popular gaming subscription service Ubisoft+ will soon be coming to the Xbox platform.

Window Central’s journalist Jez Corden claims that Ubisoft+ is coming to Xbox consoles soon. In a short post, he clearly says that Ubisoft+’s coming to the console is “likely imminent.” He does not clarify if this service will be just like EA Play where it would be included in Xbox Game Pass or if it would be a separate type of purchase. Corden is known to be a reputable source of information in regard to insider details so this could be legitimate.

There have been a lot of rumors surrounding Ubisoft+ coming to Xbox, but neither Ubisoft nor Microsoft has spilled the beans lately. One rumor suggested that Ubisoft+ on Xbox will come with 60+ games, which could mean it would introduce the latest titles, like Far Cry 6 or one of the new Assassin’s Creed titles.